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    Being consulted or consult others

    During the course of daily life we come across situations and challenges for which we either take the consultation of others in the office or out side. And there are people who keep us in their esteem and they wanted to consult us for their personal and official problems. Do you feel awkward to consult others even though you are posted of the information and action thereof. Or you elated if some ask the opinion and advise from you on some important subject matters. Please discuss on the both aspects.
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    If someone doesn't have ego issue and he needs suggestions of others on any issue about which they are also qualified to give suggestions, then he should ask him/them for suggestions. And if he himself is experienced and have good knowledge about any issue and about which someone needs his help or suggestions he should not hesitate to help or suggest him. It improves ties between them.

    Coordination and cooperation is always conducive for company if this matter (of suggestions) is related to employees. Sometimes, it happens that a junior can think a better idea than a senior. It's not bizarre thing in any business organisation.
    My cousin in working in a government department. He is expert in letter drafting in pure hindi, he told me that his boss, sometimes, takes his help in drafting a letter to his senior officers.

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    The retired police officials are being called for to write case history by the new recruits.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Whenever someone wants to consult you with a Parkar, when you ask your advice on a particular subject, we feel a lot of agony in ourselves and it is very natural. In such a situation, we are also very careful while advising because we feel ourselves responsible person. Apart from this, when we seek advice from someone else, first of all, we need a lot of courage for this, because some people also think that to take advice is to tell ourselves small but it is not so. There is nothing wrong with seeking advice from anyone, you must consult the right person and if you have ever consulted the wrong person, avoid repeating the mistake in the future. Both advice and counseling are advisable, as trust is most important in both cases. When we take major decisions of our life then it would always be better to discuss it with those who have more experience instead of taking any wrong decision in hasty.

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