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    Clashes of varied thoughts gives rise to egoistic approach

    At home, office or society, we are bound to work within a framework of rules and regulations and our varied thoughts are neither accepted nor can be forced upon others as they may think it is our ego and not the change we are seeking. In a house itself there would be varied responses in the same issue and if we take an organization or a company, then such happenings must be regular. In that case how to make a further approach as the work should not suffer for the want of others cooperation and if we override their rights and duties then we are at the suffering end.
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    Everyone has his/her own space in a family, company and society and nobody wants to get his/her personal space violated at all. It's no point of interfereing into others' territory. When we have power and rights, simultaneously, we are subject to some responsibilities and limitations. Nobody is entitled to avail unlimited authorities or powers, else he/she will encroach the space of family members, colleagues or neighbours. We need to learn how to stay with people if we don't know. Co-existence is the essence of human life. If it is violated or disturbed peace on the ground will get disturbed too.
    It is not the matter that our life will be affected, rather we will become a menace for our partners ,colleagues or co-dwellers.
    Respecting each other's right and personal space is mandatory for everyone.

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    The author is right. Variation in thoughts is a normal and natural process. Every person lives in a different environment and different circumstances are created in everyone's life, on the basis of all of them, a person's thinking gets developed on its own and sometimes it changes with time. Therefore, if your views differ from the views of others, then it is not right to take it as your ego. When different ideas are discussed in the same office, its purpose is that we welcome new ideas and if the idea is worth implementing, then think not about our ego but growth.

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    Everybody's thought process is different and there is no need to think that whatever one is thinking will be accepted by others in the home or at the workplace. There is also no need to give too much importance to what others are thinking about us. As long as others' are not interfering with our activities we should not get swayed by their thought process. Whether we are at home or workplace there is a common rule and all need to abide by that. For example, in your office, you are working in a team and one of the team members thought of doing a particular task in a specific way. Since it's teamwork the team member discussed the procedure with her/his team. Now, if the majority accepts the procedure then that procedure will be followed otherwise not. But if the particular team member is stubborn to do that task in that process only then others will not accept and there will be clashes. On the other hand when someone is doing a task alone then she/he can choose any procedure to complete the task according to own suitability. The thought process of others will always vary but clashes occur mostly because of the stubbornness of a few persons. We need to respect the thoughts of everyone and should never think that we are thinking in the right direction while others are not.

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    In the office or in our work place, we do have discussions in the different topics but not necessarily our ideas will be accepted by them. Our thought process is influenced with the surroundings where we live apart from environmental effects where we pass our times with our known friends.
    However, while executing any job in the office, there are some norms to be followed in the execution of a job. Normally, we work in a team in the office where the role of each member of the group is important. No member can deviate from the accepted norm laid down in the rules of working. If any member is having some innovative idea implementing the same while executing the job, it has to be brought to the notice of the boss and the team members and he can initiate his job with the application of new ideas when approved by all. There is no question ofclashing of our ideas in the working environment.

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    Though thought process influenced by surroundings we have to make controlled approach.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Irrespective of the responses that have been posted, I need to confess that I feel there is a clash within the thread itself. How can varied thoughts give rise to egoistic approach? Being egoistic means to have an inflated opinion of oneself. Yes, an egoistic person can surely give rise to clashes because he thinks (always) that what he says is right and does not bother to budge even when the majority is against him. But when there are varied thoughts, at home or in the workplace, logically thinking people would surely discuss it out and try to arrive at an acceptable solution. A varied opinion may be indifferent or for a change and unless one expects or demands that his opinion must be accepted, I don't see any reason for a clash. And whose ego would it be anyway? Of the person with a different opinion or of those who are not ready to accept the same? I think we need to assess the point simply as to which is right and which is wrong, which is logical and which is illogical and who is egoistic and who is not. It cannot be a matter of ego always; clashes can occur even otherwise. It would be better to always keep in mind that you need not always be 'right'.
    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    In a workplace or organisation individual has not much control as the group works and coexists under the stipulated guidelines. When the group is moving t an average speed where all the workers are comfortable, the group is said to be doing good and definitely inching forward in the desired direction. Problem comes when one particular individual starts pressurising other members for a particular action or step which is not normally followed. When people object for it then the clash or conflict is generated and this type of conflict does not help the company in any way. Individual ego should not be there in any group as the group has to work in the direction of overall objective of the organisation. Many companies give emphasis on group dynamics and train their manpower in that area.
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    Having different thoughts is very natural. They need not be classified as clashes. There will be an authority system in every working office. When an issue comes there will be a discussion on the issue and after deliberations, a decision will arrive. Once a decision has arrived one has to work in that direction only. The decision can't be changed. Sometimes a common understanding may not arrive. Then the man in command has to take a call and we can't say it is his egoistic decision. It is his duty to make a decision and see that the work will progress. Ultimate is to see that work will progress. Ithink the word Clash in not very apt in the situation.
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    Varied thoughts needs to be summarized and dealt by authorities decicion makers.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mohan, let us opt for a meaningful discussion instead of joining the fray with confusing oneliners.
    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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