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    Building trust in people is crucial for long-lasting relationships

    It is a brick-by-the-brick transition to success in life to meaningful and long-lasting relationships. It is a process of building trust. Relationships between service and business organizations are also built on the same principle. Take Sundaram Finance. Ask any senior citizen and they will tell you "it is better than RBI". The interest will come to the SB account exactly on the last working day of the previous month or on the 1st of the particular month. There will never be any delay.

    If we lie through our teeth for silly things, we cannot build trust. If we play between people ( including relatives) we cannot build trust. If we play games between the Management and the workmen, we cannot build trust. If we are not punctual, if we are not sincere in our efforts to reach out to people, we cannot build trust. But if we do all these, trust can be easily built.

    And then comes the question of consistency. If we fail in our honesty and integrity even once, we are gone. No one will ever trust us. If we look around and find out the success story of those who have built trust, they would have followed all the ground rules. Their basics would have been perfect. The process of trust building can win us many friends. Forever.
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    Trust and confidence aren't built easily. It's not confined to a particular field. Sometimes, it is experienced that someone trusts his friend more than his own brother, there must be some solid reasons for this difference in the level of trust between the two.
    It takes a lot of time to build trust in each other. It's a long-lasting transition and a process which needs to be updated. Its roots and foundations are absolutely weak and shaky. Ages long trust can be shaken in a minute. Only an incident can destroy whole ages long concrete, solid and sterling trust. Once the trust is finished, all building measures to reinstate trust fumbled down.
    Often, we see the labour class of any mill or factory go on strike. Why labourers don't stop protesting against their employers despite verbal assurances from management for fulfilling their demands. The reason is- lack of trust. When mistrust is developed between two parties all trust and confidence-building measures seem to be ineffective.
    A scratch on glass can not be fixed. Some artificial stuff may be used to fix it up but the visibility of scratch can't be dimmed.
    Keeping a word is indispensable for sustenance of trust. It gets weakened even by procrastination of fulfilling a promise.
    But one thing should be kept in mind that we should never trust blindly. When it happens it changes into stinking stuff which instigates someone to babble filthy humbug if any other person displays his mistrust in a specific person/entity who does he trust blindly.

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