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    Be very much aware of new cheats

    Day after day, we do hear of new cheats. Their new methods do make us rethink such a lot. Apart from the ATM frauds and the OTP fake calls, we do have consistent pleas from young girls who want you to help him treat an orphan admitted to a hospital. A friend of mine was almost sold to the idea of transferring some money to the bank account given by the girl on the other end.

    Something struck him that things were not in order and he rang up his friend, a sub-inspector. The latter thought something that is fishy and asked the person to call back and ask for additional details. The lady at the other end grew jittery and cut the conversation. She had obviously tried to cheat my friend. The cell phone was switched off. The police seem to have traced the number and found that the cell phone itself was stolen. The cheat has destroyed the sim card, or this is what the police now believe. However, they are still looking out for the cheat, but this is easier said than done, as the network seems to have too many players. When asked as to where she was calling, the cheat had mentioned the name of a small town in South Tamil Nadu.

    Nothing happened but my friend has become a little wiser. He had made good money in the stock market and wanted to donate. I advised him to donate to UNICEF and he has since done so. Members might have had similar experiences. I always cut such calls as I do not believe such stories. Of course, the sub-inspector has guided him at the right time, but we do not always have such people who will help. We better be careful everytime.
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    "Iruttu Ulaginil Vaazhvu thedidum kuruttu ulagamadaa....
    Ithu Kollai adippathil vallamai kaattum thiruttu ulagamadaa.
    Thambi,, therinthu nadanthu kolladaa
    Ithai nee purinthu therinthu kolladaa..

    This is a Tamil song from Film Mahadevi sung by TMS (for MGR)

    The song clearly states about the condition of the country with respect to cheats and frauds. This many decades old song should be heard and understood, and not to fall prey to people by showing mercy to them. Everyday, we read such cheating news. Yet we have not learned to get rid of the cheaters. Even the educated lot including the police officials are getting cheated. Beware.

    No life without Sun

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    True. I also receive many such calls. But I never go to unknown organisations to help. I will see the authenticity of the information and the organisation and then only I will help to the possible extent. I may not be sparing huge amounts but whatever little I can give, I want them to be utilised for the right cause. My elder daughter in law is a member of an NGO and I know how that organisation works. As such I prefer making some donations to such organisations.
    These days we see cheating anywhere and everywhere. The people are not having any ethics and making money the only aim for such people.

    always confident

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    This is very alarming as we have been targeted by the cheaters and even one small mistake from us would lead to loss or even defaming. Normally our phone pattern locks are known to close people in home and office and by chance if we keep the same on our table anyone can misused and that is very annoying. There are instances when the online booking was made and then the transactions deleted only to be known when the things are delivered and by that time the damage is already done. So we have to keep the phone securely and change the patterns offer and what the author quoted is the new way of cheating.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Nowadays cheats are using the mobile phone, emails, and other latest methods to cheat the people. Their expertise is increasing day by day. I am getting a number of emails and calls in my phone regarding so many things related to helping others and some ailing child or some other such issue. Many people fall in these traps and send some money to these evil people who are working behind the whole thing.
    Knowledge is power.

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