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Like writing short - really short - stories? Participate in our third colour pairs' contest and get cash credits!
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    Colour Pairs Tri Series 3: Script a Micro tale

    For this last and final part of our Colour Pairs' contest, you have to script a short story – a really short one! That is, you have to write a micro tale; a tale that is compressed into just a few words. Since this requires more effort than a full-fledged story, a little extra time has been allotted to submit the entries.

    What you have to do: Write a micro tale on the Colour Pair Black & White. Submit your entry in a response to this thread. A member can submit only one entry. No title is required to be given.

    1. The micro tale should be in English only, adhering to forum posting guidelines, with no indecent language or communal tones.
    2. The micro tale must include the colour pair as a pair, namely black and white or white and black, in at least one sentence, and can be used separately as well elsewhere in the tale. Other colours relevant to the tale may also be included.
    3. The micro tale should not be more than 75 words.

    Important note: The entry will be automatically locked once you submit it, so make sure that it is adhering to the rules of the contest before submission and you have corrected the typo and English errors beforehand.

    The rewards: Points and cash credits may be allotted to each valid entry as per quality, from three up to a maximum of 20.

    Closing time: 9 a.m., 23rd February 2021 (IST).

    Those who did not participate in the first and second rounds can participate in this third round and will be eligible for points and cc, but will not be eligble for the bumper prizes.
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    My entry for micro tale contest is as under -

    The neglected beggar was sitting on the road corner in his usual place when he saw the little girl entering the heavy traffic road by his side. The beggar sensed the danger and quickly moved ahead and pulled the girl to the side safely. The worried parents were coming out of the lane and were surprised to see the girl safe near the beggar. They thanked him. The beggar simply smiled and saluted them.

    [Invalid entry.]

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    Hi, My entry for "Colour Pairs Tri Series 3: Script a Micro tale contest".
    The father and son were watching an old black and white movie. The film portrays the scene of Holi festival. Son anxiously asked his father, "Dad, didn't there be colors in those days? What is the pleasure in using black and white colors in Holi"? His father smiled and said, "Son, the movie had only two colors at that time, but there were many shades of happiness into people's lives. Today's movie has lots of colors, but life has become a bit colorless."

    [Invalid entry.]


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    While listening to the lawyers, the judge had a flashback trying to retrieve the symbolic significance of black and white. Considering his profession, he was aware of "white" being the symbol of justice but this time he was feared & hesitant from within from declaring his decision because the evidence on record was proving something which was not accommodating with his heart.

    Unable to cope, he begun to discover the options.

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    My entry for micro tale contest-3 is as under:-
    Suddenly "Pia" was blinking in front. She kept herself so beautiful, the innocent look of that dazzling deer in eyes.The black and white glow of the glasses reflecting the divine impression surrounded her face. Seams It's a family occasion, but why I don't know? Does Pia know our eldest daughter looking exactly like her? All of a sudden eye contact, I screamed out "Come near,and look lying myself on black and white Bedsheets."

    [not given cc as doubt about the originality of the content.]

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    My entry-

    He sat gazing at the black and white photograph. The memories of the pink taxi and the gracious lady made his eyes wet. He went to the window and looked out. The pink taxi that she drove once was no longer pink. It had gathered dust. He took a piece of cloth and went out. As he walked across her tomb to the garage, did he hear her saying, 'Thank you for everything, dear'?

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    On the farewell day, the teacher drew a white spot on the black board and asked the students to interpret what best describes the Black and white combination. Everyone but one gave negative notion. When asked the positive thinkers contemplation elucidated, "it compliments each other by amplifying the good and bad, giving its due significance at the appropriate time. As the dichotomy of life, without pain there is no importance of joy and vica versa."

    (My entry for the Color pair Tri-series contest - 3: Script a micro tale)

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    My entry-
    On Sunday I just put on my TV and started looking for a good old movie on YouTube and started looking at a Telugu Movie of NTR. The movie is black and white. Th actors did an excellent job and showed their full potential. After seeing that movie I felt these days movies are more dependent on graphics. These black and white movies showcase the acting skills of actors.

    [Not a micro tale as such, hence only points.]

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    Here goes my entry:

    He couldn't sleep anymore as the sound of the gusty winds continued to increase with time. Today is the last day of his board exam and all of his friends planned to celebrate this day to make it memorable. Only yesterday night he was dreaming of the colourful life ahead. He slowly got up from the bed and looked outside. The dark clouds coupled with the little light turned nature into black and white.


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    My entry for a Micro tale contest-3 is as:-
    An Englishman is angrily held up on his journey by a flood, and takes shelter with a man living by the ford, who always helps people cross the river. During the Englishman's stay, the man narrated him past love story about how he was in love with a Hindi girl from across the river. They would often meet in a field but could not marry and one day when they planned to meet, this man swam through a flood like no other to meet her. At last, The flood waters resides and the man tells the Englishman to hurry so that he can cross the river before the levels rise again.

    [Invalid entry.]

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    My entry for a Micro tale contest-3 is:

    Sitting near the window, she was drowning in the old memories of her hilly town. Due to water scarcity, all women were forced to bring water from the pahadi naula. When her pregnant sister dies due to slipping from the hill in white snow and black night near a naula. She raised her voice many times but was vain. Then she decided to make this black and white her destiny and became a feminist lawyer.

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    Here is my entry for the Mirco tale contest -

    Rajiv loved his laptop more than anything, today Riya asked, why do you like it so much?
    Rajiv smiled and said, from the day I started writing my thoughts, this black laptop and the white letters emerging on its keyboard, this is the biggest way to express my feelings. With this black and white combination, my writing has made me a famous writer today, by saying it he took the laptop and started writing again.

    [Only points given, as not a micro tale as such.]

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    When Sundari came out, Sundar said, "Darling, you are damn good with black and white". Sundari said, "Dear, I am in red and black." Sundar said, "No darling, I am talking about the white Jasmine on your black hair plait." Sundari smiled and said, "Thank you dear. You always think differently." In the party everyone appreciated Sundari's long black hair and white Jasmine.
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    On her fifteenth birthday, a renewed Sneha was born near the black and white stripes better known as zebra crossing. There a small boy came running and pleaded for alms from Sneha. Without any hesitation, Sneha gave a packet of her favourite cookies and chocolates to the boy, which her parents bought for her. His thankful smile made Sneha practice benevolence as a ritual on her every birthday at the same venue and enjoys pleasure.

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    This is my entry for this contest -

    Gloria was from a Southern country having dark black complexion. Peter was a tall beautiful German having white and pink complexion. They were in same college albeit different subjects. There friends group had about 12 memebers most of them having white and pink European complexion. Gloria was surprised when Peter proposed to her and whispered in her ear - Union of black and white, is't it right?

    [Unacceptable content. Personal message will be sent later.]

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