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    The tone of spoken or written communication is very important

    Loud and aggressive, quiet and gentle, assertive and confident- there are so many tones underlying every form of communication? Do you realize the importance of a tone in communications is what is discussed here.

    The common ways of communication are verbal and written. The tone of communication distinguishes a person. Some people are polite and gentle. Their way of communication endears them to the audience. On the other hand, some people tend to be brash and not so subtle in their communication. The audience may not like such a type of communication. The tone of the communication is a source of many problems. It is advisable to change the tone to a gentle level to make their point. This solves many problems.

    These days, netizens are expressing their views on many topics, on social media platforms. The communication is virtual and it is all the more important the tone of communication be polite and does not hurt anyone. The communication should be to the point and without any ambiguity. Some people express in such a manner that they do not come to the point directly. The tone of communication should be in conformity with writing ethics on a virtual platform.
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    That is very true. Different people express differently. Some people show their authority in the words they use while talking or writing. They think that they have to use very powerful words for showing their authority. But some people who are in authoritative positions also will try to speak very softly and express their views. But they will be assertive at the same time.
    It is always better to keep our words soft and we should see that they will not hurt the other person. We see different types of people even on this platform also. Some members use very nice and polite words to express their ideas on matters of discussion. But some members use harsh words and never bother about the feelings of the other person.
    Some people talk very nicely but the ways and means of their behaviour will be entirely different. On virtual media, I think we don't know directly the other person. We read their wordings only. But in our locality, we see the people who talk very softly but behave differently.

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    I agree with the author that communication skills manifest the personality of a person interacting with others online while him sitting somewhere far away. On ground communication skills leaves an impact on the mind of a person who does he talk to in person or on phone or on any social media platform. Language and usage of words single him out. Sometimes, a bit of harsh words are used to express one's opinion about any issue. Some people take profundity and abstruse way to manifest their outlook which opens up a panorama of their invisible characteristics.
    Some people share their views about any topic for the sake of sharing. Some people are really articulate. Their style to release the influx of their ideas quite smoothly and spontaneously.
    How to communicate on social media doesn't affect a person but in real life, while staying with real people communication should be balanced which doesn't hurt others.
    This tongue is a weapon of mass destruction. Therefore, it should be used quite wisely. Merely slip of tongue entails havoc and fatal repercussions. It can win or break innocent hearts.

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    It is said that sweet and modest tone can turn even an enemy into friend. Communication is very important between two persons and main idea is to exchange views or information but it should not have something sarcastic or offensive in it. A single element of sarcasm in the communication can spoil the long time relationship. In our scriptures the ancient scholars have very clearly and emphatically mentioned this fact that a person must use a soft and cordial tone in all type of communications and treat the fellow beings with utmost respect. When we give respect to others then we also get the same from others. Our tone can tell the listeners very clearly our mental state and those who have a good understanding of human psychology can infer a lot many things about others just by listening and interpreting their vocal tones.
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    I completely agree with the author that we should come up with the best way to say or to write our words. It is not only the words that matter, but also how respectfully you are speaking those words, it also matters. Even if we say some negative statement in a humble tone, it is understood as advice but not as a comment or criticism. Many times people only speak bitterly on the basis that they have a habit of telling the truth and they consider themselves superior in that they speak everything clearly but to say something clearly is not that you are allowed to hurt someone by your speech or writings. Do not keep the purpose of your talk to show any person below. Your tone in your communication carries your message to the audience or readers with your thoughts.
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    While I agree with the author that the tone of our communication, verbal or written is very important, I think it depends on many factors like what, why, to whom, where, when and so on. It is true that a gentle tone is widely accepted and does not hurt anyone, but I think such an attitude will not be effective every time and with everyone. To communicate means to express your ideas or emotions in such a way that the listener understands what we are trying to pass on. Therefore, the tone of your voice or words and your body language must compliment your inner feelings so that the communication is complete.

    To cite an example, you scold your child gently when he does some mischief. But relying on the same tone if he repeats the mischief may not give you the desired result. He needs to understand that you are angry and that such mischiefs won't be tolerated. And for that, you will have to put in a bit of harshness in your tone. Similar is the case with an employer and an employee. There may be employees who can be chided gently but then there may be some masters who will have to be dealt with more sternly. So, though the golden rule can be said to be communicating gently, it need not be so always and needs to be sharpened or mellowed down as per the situation.

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    This is an interesting post by the author and it is very true that same words uttered in different tones and emphasis convey totally different meaning. When we ask a child to do something and help us then from his words we can easily make out whether he is happy about it or reluctant to do. So, in our family itself we experience these things frequently. Tone conveys more than the words.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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