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    Your past never leaves you.

    It is known fact that our past makes our present and our present makes our future. Many times when we are faced with tough times or failure we think that our past is to blame for or our deeds in past that we are facing the current situation.

    How much we try, our past stays with us. Still, our present can be good and beautiful if, we understand that our present will soon be our past and our future our present. So, we must perform our task with best of our abilities and even bear some hardship or pain if any so as to make our future bright and successful.

    We always hear that we must live in present, but what it really means is that we live in present fully without dodging difficulty or look for easy means of doing a task or our duty. Pain taken in present will bear fruits in future and that will is what we always want. There will be no complaints from our present if we had actually lived and done deeds that are good and true in past. So, let the past stay with us in good terms.
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    Human memory is not discreet It is actually a continuum of all the events that had happened in past till the last moment. The cumulation of all the events would be there in the memory and only thing is that some will be lying in easiest parts and will be retrieved back easily while some might be lying deep and then will require more thinking and associate with other events and in many cases may be lying too deeper and would not come back on surface so easily or get buried there itself. So, many things corresponding to our past would be residing there and make us happy (or sometimes haunt) time to time in our lives.
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    Is it possible to say if the situation is painful now, it will bear something good in future? People may have such conceptions but nobody can predict what is going to happen in future. We plan for the future and act according to our plans with an expectation to get the desired outcome. But if the outcome is different and not according to our choice we begin to find whom to blame for the result rather than analyzing the issue and finding a solution to the problem. We have many complaints when things do not occur according to our choice but whom to complain about that? If you need to fix a leaking tap you can call the plumber if it is to fix a faulty switch you may call an electrician but when we are in a complicated situation many try to find out whom to blame and brood on the past for the outcome. Past never stays with us other than being in the memory. Living in the present means doing what is needful in that situation. You need to act according to the situation and if you have any previous experience to handle the situation it will become useful. If it reminds you of the same situation you were in a couple of years ago where you cried a lot to get rid of the situation I don't think crying this time again will be helpful. Remembering it will only haunt you. You need to look for a solution and that includes your past experiences.

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    Living in the fast is different and remembering the fast is different, Always we should remember our past and the mistakes committed bu us during those times and we should not repeat the same now. We should be wise enough to that extent at least.
    We should learn to live in the present. What we have to do as of now is to be done now. If we don't do that we can't have a better future. So use your past experience, live in the present while planning for tomorrow. This is the correct way to carry on.
    People should be optimistic. Always they have to work thinking that best days will follow. Otherwise, we will not have any happy moments in our life.

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    It is the fact that our past does not leave us whether it is good memory or the bad experience. Good memories like the childhood moments photos and videos would always bring back those cheerful days we have gone through. We also have the bad and sad moments photos through which we get tears on seeing the persons or their belongings left with us. And our past misdeeds never leave us. We might have forgotten our misdeeds, but we have to give reply through the punishments and regrets in the present day. One thing is sure the mistkes done in the past must be addressed to forget the same immediately.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    It is of no use to remember the past with a lot of sorrows and tragic events, recalling up the same is indeed a painful situation. Though for most of us, it would be difficult to shed away to see the departure of the son with his untimely death but in what way, the ailing father could get some respite with the recalling up that sad event. Events don't follow as per our expectations.
    You must take a new look for the life. it is surrounded with numerous mysterious happenings and we are not aware of such mysteries. Some pleasant moment is definitely awaiting for you. Enjoy it.

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    It is very true that past never dies. It always lingers around us. It reminds us what we achieved and what we missed in gone days. What stupid activities we were involved in. All reminiscences of past keep us alert about future. But too much thinking about past is waste of time and energy, instead we should focus on our future but future is still far from us, so present should be handled smartly and efficiently. It shapes our future.
    Life is real. There is no chance if missed, those are fortunate who get several opportunities in their lives but generally, there is only one take, take it or miss it. Moment of success comes for all but whoever cracks it, succeeds or whoever misses it, fails. This is the point of past which keeps poking into heart but it's of no use. What we have in hands is nothing but reality, what we lost is nothing but dead and what is in future is nothing but fantasy.

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    When we were young children, whatever we did, we mostly hear from our elders because we probably forget those old memories. After we grow a little older, we forget some more old things, and by the time our old age comes, we may have forgotten some things even today. Forgetting is a natural process of human life, but forgetting does not mean that it has not been a part of our life. When we live a life, our whole life, every decision, every moment is ours, its past present, and future are all created by us. Life is not to forget the past but to build a good future by learning the good deeds and mistakes of the past.
    Swati Sharma

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