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    When winter comes can spring be far behind?

    This is a famous quote by P.B.Shelley. This is also generally said by elders in many ways like "happiness after sorrow" or a 'day comes after night".

    I think this is practically proven in all our lives. A few months before, the evil Coronavirus entered our country and we all were worried. We were forced to stay within the four walls of our house and faced the suffocation with masks on and washing of the hands until they were dehydrated. It was a terrific time when people were wary of even talking to others. No one was entertaining their own relatives even. A new trend of marriages started. For us, marriage is a ceremony when almost all our relatives get together. Instead, it was only the bride and bridegroom and the closest relatives getting together for a marriage.

    We were all hoping when the lives will become normal again? How are we going to overcome this kind of life?

    Now, life has become normal again. No mask, no sanitisers, no rules. People are moving freely and doing their works. So I just feel that life is becoming normal again and hope the so-called devil is gone from our lives and we are enjoying the "Spring" now. Comment about this.

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    It is absolutely right and in fact based on these things only we hope for a better future or better time ahead. Life is a journey like that only and we also move up and down with the vicissitudes of life. Neither bad times nor good times will remain for ever and a cycle of these situations will be coming time to time in our lives. The prudent people will keep patience and will not panic during the down phase while the ordinary mortals will weep and cry and curse their misfortune blaming the God for not favouring them that particular time. They will also try to put the onus of their failure on someone else or search some excuse for it.
    Knowledge is power.

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    It is true. It will not be dark always. Light will follow after some darkness. One should have faith. Without that faith, we can't survive without that faith and hope.
    The cycle of events will be happening. Some may be good for you and some may be good for others. Sometimes we have to face bad situations also. But we should be bold enough to face such situations and should carry forward so that bad times will vanish and good times come.
    Today we may have to face a failure. But we should never think that is the end of the story. We should go ahead and reattempt or attempt a new work so that we will have the taste of success.

    always confident

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    Good heavens, no! The virus is not gone at all. In fact, various mutations have arrived and we need to be warier than ever and not live in La-La land, promoting a very wrong policy of " No mask, no sanitisers, no rules." People should stop propounding such views. It will do more harm than good. In a few States, cases are again on the rise because of this very idiotic theory that the virus is gone. Merely because restrictions have been restricted and people can move around freely does not mean they should stop taking the safety measures. Even the arrival of the vaccine does not guarantee full protection and it is an absolute must for everyone to continue to wear masks, wash hands, and follow protocols of social distancing. Functions that are absolutely necessary should continue to have minimum people attending it and, if possible, indefinitely postponed.

    The quote from Shelley's poem is all very well but as far as the analogy to the virus is concerned - wait for that spring; the winter is far from over.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    I agree to your view miss Vandana but we don't see people being cautious like before. People have lost fear of the virus. Moving freely without any restrictions.

    Everything is happening normally so I shared my opinion.

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    Time is never the same whether good or bad. But if we keep patience and learn something from these examples of nature, then our confidence does not diminish even in bad times. This example of nature is described quite well by the author. If we look in deep and carefully, it is understandable that many bad times go by giving us good lessons, but no bad time is completely bad because in that few moments also give you happiness. The coronavirus has a very bad moment in the world, but perhaps it has also promoted humanity in the fight against this virus and humans.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Life goes on a cycle. It is true to some extent that happiness comes after sorrow. As said above by the author that corona virus has gone and we have started to live like earlier. It is wrong to think. The vaccine has come and a large number of people has been vaccinated and no severe case has been seen in the last few days. But it does not mean the virus has completely gone and we should not take any safety measures. At many places, a new strain of the virus has been found. We should not be careless concerning this disease. We need to adopt precautionary measures for some more time so that virus completely out of our life.

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    No doubt the virus has taught some big lessons to us and it is not yet over. People think that the spread has been contained and that does not mean freedom from the dreaded virus. In fact the Maharastra and Kerala wherein the surge of cases surfaced again, new covid rules and brought it. It seems the virus is going to stay amid us in subdued manner and if we take enough precautions and follow the rules, surely we can beat the rest of life and India would be successful against the virus. But many are not wearing the mask and thus risking their valuable life. In Charminar area of Hyderabad the people are freely moving without mask the police are not enforcing the law. Thus such kind of negligence would lead to spread of disease as tourist of other countries visit here and one spread would turn as the super spreader.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is very disheartening to see that some people are not taking this virus seriously. Probably they have over confidence in their tolerance and immune system but they should not forget that even healthy and good immune people are getting this infection and many of them even could not survive in fighting with it. So, we should be positive and think that day light will follow the dark night but we have to take all care to be able to see that daylight.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    We had seen some check relating to the spread of the corona virus and it was definitely the moment of respite for us. However, after having a stagnant figure for a couple of months, in some states such as Kerala and Maharashtra, we are witnessing a sudden spurt of the this dreaded virus. It is the indication that it will remain amidst us for some more time. It can however be tackled with our stringent steps such as distance maintaining and appropriate wearing of masks. In that way, the effect of the spread can be contained. We have seen the masses moving freely after the relaxation of the lockdown phase and this attitude has to be changed henceforth so as to check the spread of corona virus.

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    I agree with the author that dawn comes after night. After bad days good days indeed come. It a natural cycle that changes after a certain period.
    The author has mainly focussed on the pandemic era. I think it's not over yet. Lately, it is heard that a new wave of coronavirus is spreading in Maharashtra. It's not good news for us. It may spread to other parts of the country too. What will happen if it spreads its wings again in the whole country? We can not forget the lockdown period. How we have imprisoned in our respective homes was quite boring. But it has some positive aspects also. It changed marriage ceremonies to simple and low budget events. As I am against ultra-expensive marriage ceremonies and functions, it was good to see. Coronavirus changed the picture of these functions. People had time to stay together as a united family. Generally, people don't have time to sit together, even some people who are like machine don't have space for their children too, they had to spend their time with them. Many people helped poor and needy people during this tough time when many people did not have food to eat, these good people made an arrangement of food for them and distribute them with open hands.
    Time never stays at a place, it moves on and on. Now, coronavirus is no more effective in most of the country but we still need to take all precautions to protect ourselves from this deadly virus.

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