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    Why should we expect more from others?

    Be it office or the home those who work well and complete their task in ease are targeted the most and repeat tasks are given as if they have done a big mistake by completing the work before hand. This kind of attitude would spoil the very good relations and too much expectancy from others is not good. Though everybody need to perform and answerable inside the frame of their work why should we seek more from others. Over greediness to take work would also have bad effect on continuing the relations further.
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    Humans are well known for their desires of choosing the easier paths. Most of us are living in that way only. The boss or the supervisor is also a human being and if he chooses the path of giving more work to the laborious and gullible then it does not raise eyebrows from the others. This is happening in the workplaces from time immortal and there is nothing surprising in it. Let us see it from the perspective of the good worker. He is doing it in a good faith. Deep in his heart he also knows that some day boss may give him some exceptional favour also and in that hope only he continues doing the extra wor assigned to him.
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    The ultimate aim is to complete the work. How easily we can complete the work is the question? If the boss gives the work to a non-performer he has to monitor him regularly and guide him to see that the work will be completed in time. The boss has to put in extra efforts. Instead, if he gives the same work to a sincere guy who works and ensures that the work is completed in time, the boss can be at peace and he need not follow up regularly. So the boss will tend to allot more work to the performer. Such performers will be in the good books of the boss always and he will try to help them in their career and financial growth. The person who works sincerely will also know that his boss will definitely help him in achieving his career goals and work hard and achieve the results. A non-performer may not get such encouragement from his boss. This is the situation in many private organisations but I don't know about the situation in government offices.
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    Some people are interested in their work for various reasons like making a career, to learn the work, to please the management to get favours, and things like that. Such people will always be overloaded with more and more work and we see them in each of the department or organisations. When I was doing my PG then the principal of our college used to call one of the professor for everything small and big and that professor was giving orders to even his colleagues and other office staff in the name of principal. So, the person who takes extra work load gets some extra power also to exercise. If a boss takes more work from the subordinate then in many cases it is a mutatis mutandis basis. Anyway, we should not press anyone with extra work until unless one is really asking for it oneself.
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    It happens in the corporate world, the people who work more and efficiently are asked to take up more tasks and assignment and are expected from the boss that they will complete them without any flaws. Sometimes it really becomes irritating as they start comparing themselves from others. We do have such culture in our company our boss too gives more assignments to the people who are more efficient and others remain in their comfort zone. The things get more worse when during the annual appraisal they don't are give much hike than the others.

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    Many a time the subordinate is not able to refuse an assignment given to him by his boss and may end up being overloaded with work. And then his performance may get affected. This way, whatever good image he might have earned due to his efficiency and time management earlier may get affected. so he should also learn to say no when he is already having tasks at hand.

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    Perhaps the author has bitter experience about this matter. This is a common problem in society and business organisations where a person who honestly performs his duty and has achieved success many people expect that he should help them or if he is on a higher post or his status his high his friends or relatives expect him to recommend them or do something for them too.
    We should not expect any kind of help from others. Also I have noticed it that people want special favour from someone who has reached any respectable position or has established his career as a successful person. If he does something for them they are happy and if he doesnot take their demand in cognizanve or pretend to extend his support they get angry with him.
    I think nobody should seek any favour or help from other people even they are in this position that they may help or support if they take any interest. Instead, a person should lift himself up and handle his issues himself. Self respect should always be upheld.

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    The work culture of most of the organisations are not smooth, they would not carry out any job unless they are given some suitable rewards. Boss identifies the capable workers and in case of emergency, they delicate the entire tasks to those workers. In that there would be timely executions of the jobs and workers doing the jobs are rewarded suitably. Such a trend continues and as a result, the working environment gets polluted. The healthy culture of the organisation is lost due to prevalence of indispline. Hence the management should take every step,to maintain transparency in the work culture. In that way, morals of the workers would be high and healthy culture will be maintained.

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