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    Digital technologies are helping the customers to a good extent

    There are some Govt/Public Sector departments which are slowly adopting the digital techniques and methods for customer satisfaction and providing better services. I want to share one development in this regard that I have experienced a few days back. I have an annuity insurance policy in LIC on which I get every month some annuity amount for my monthly expenses. Every year in the month of February I have to get an 'Alive certificate' from the bank manager here and scan and send that by email to the concerned LIC office. Till last year, I was not getting an acknowledgement for that and used to telephone there about it and they would tell whether they have received it and processed for update in my profile. It was an inconvenient thing for me to do so. But to my surprise, this time, I got an email from them which seems to be system generated where they have acknowledged as well as thanked me for sending the same. So, I was naturally happy to note that. I think digital technology is helping us to a good extent. Have you got any such pleasant experience?
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    It is the fact that the digital technologies has been playing greater roles in easing our daily routines with banks and insurance companies. Now hassle free services are obtained and even the settlements and claims are very fast from LIC. There are days when we used to go round the office for days together for having the closed issue cheque payment. Even the works at civic departments regarding the mutation to new name from the old owner is done with ease and everyone's surprise the work has been over within 10 minutes and thus digital technology proved to be beneficial to the people.
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    Digital technology has brought many changes to our lives. We discussed this subject many times. My father is 87 years old. He gets EPF pension every month. For this every year he has to submit an alive certificate. In earlier days he used to go to a doctor and get a certificate and produce in the PF office. Later on, he started going to the bank and get a certificate from the Bank Manager. But now with the digital signing methods, he can submit his live certificate online without going to the bank or PF office. This is a facility he got because of the development of digital technology. This is just an example. We are seeing such facilities many in number in many of the issues. Even people stopped going to the post office to post a letter. An email has become the order of the day. We may see many more such changes in the coming days.
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    Digital technology has given a smooth functioning in the working system. All departments are going to be digitalised. It is a good step of the government. But in small towns and remote areas where the network system is not good people face problems.
    LIC, banks and all other departments which have been digitalised have given this facility to their customers/people as mentioned by the author.

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    Digital technologies and online solutions have done miracles in our lives. Some of these things are really unbelievable. I am not an Income Tax payer but I have to file return to get some little refund. I filed it in the month of October 2020 as the date was extended due to corona. Within a month or may be less than that the refund was credited in my account which I noted quite late when I got my passbook updated. It is the amazing speed of working. I remember during 1970 - 2000 period it used to take about 1-2 years for getting refund and that also when you approach them and grease their hand.
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