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    Do not fake your originality

    Sometimes people forget their original self due to the influence of the surroundings in society. They reach such a position in society that takes them to a separate world of thinking. They even do not recollect their past history or friends circle. They always search for people who come up to their standard. But our past history teaches us a different lesson. Do not forget who you actually are and always be yourself as nobody in the world knows you better than yourself. What do you think?

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    I strongly believe that one must not forget his original and primitive status. Some people forget what they were in past. They forget their old friends, poor relatives even they forget their parents. I see some people who don't want to visit their native place where they were born, played with friends, studied ,raised but when they settled as a big businessman or an officer or a successful person in a city they cut off themselves from their primitive life and people. In my opinion such people are cheap.
    I think our old memories are are asset -childhood friends, playing cricket while it would raining or early morning when nothing was visible due to thick fog, quarreling with classmates, eating together, plains, rivers, fields and all that we shared our beautiful time with.

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    Instead of act the word performance should have been added in the heading. Our originality is the in born trait and the expression or the performance comes out naturally and there cannot be induced act. It comes in our blood and our originality is also passed on as the legacy to our children later. Being original is always great because there is no competition from others and though some may try to copy our trait but they cannot be equal and that gives us the edge to be more natural and more original. Take the history and who ever had their originality cult maintained all through their life have been proved successful and has become the bench mark for others to follow them as their fan and followers and thus a peer group has been created emulating the ideals and principles of those who are the staunch users of their originality.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    The more we live in the originality, the easier it is for us and the more confident we will be. There is a kind of fear in showing ourselves like what we are not, but when we behave in front of people in our real and natural ways, then we do not have fear, and our confidence increases automatically. Some rites and manners are such essentials that we should include in our nature so that we can make our original behavior even better, but it should be for everyone, then it becomes part of your personality.

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    We should not forget our basics. How we came up in our lives and from what level we come to this stage should never be forgotten. We might have raised in our life but we should never undermine the people with whom we moved together during our childhood and education days.
    I have seen some people who were born and brought up in villages, after completing their higher studies and getting into good jobs talk as if they never like the atmosphere in a village and talk very cheaply about the other people with whom they spend their childhood. That is not the correct trait and we should always remember that we were also one among such people during our early days.

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