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    When the bad elements reach high positions

    There are cunning, evil, and goonda elements in every society world wide and only difference is that their numbers in percentage terms may be different from one place to other and definitely wherever they are less it is easy for that Govt to manage and run the country. There are many socio-economic reasons as why people adopt the criminal paths and do harm to others, but the fact is that they are there and the whole humanity is afraid of them as they can strike at any time anywhere. Even the developed countries are going through a fear psychology in this matter and what to say of the developing or backward countries.

    Sometimes, the political parties, in order to achieve their political aspirations, collude with these elements and then the situation becomes more deadly as these bad elements get protection and patronage and in some extreme cases also get party ticket for fighting election and reach up to the important positions which of course they did not deserve from any yardstick. Under such a situation what will happen to a country and its people? Please give your views.
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    Right thinking people never patronage or support the bad elements to thrive because one bad element in the group may spoil the entire society and that pose a challenge for the law enforcing agencies. The crime doers are given stringent punishments in jail to change and repent for their past bad deeds. But what happens is the reverse. Those who are lodged in jail are getting the company and more knowledge about hard core criminals already lodged in jails and thus those grouping is the main reason for spread of more crimes and bad elements thriving in the society. Though the correctional studies suggest that a criminal should change the way the treatment is meted out in jail has turned out be more informative for some as they come into contact with great planners of wrong doers inside the jail.
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    Criminals in politics and criminals in the ruling will make a lot of change in society. The present condition of the politics of Andhra Pradesh is in very bad shape. Most of the ruling party people are beating the opposition leaders. They are strictly warning the people that if they vote for the opposition, they will beat them. The police are also supporting the ruling party only.
    To get into a government job, one should not have any criminal cases pending against him and the police should enquire and give a certificate stating that no pending cases against him. But for MPs/ MLAs no such system is there. A person who is in Jail can also contest from the jail.
    A system saying that a person with a criminal back ground should not contest in the elections should come. Then only we can see some change. Otherwise, the criminals will continue to rule us. The situation will become worse if these bad elements reach the top positions.

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    When we think for politics, the sides shadow showing the fighting with big Shoard, battle fields etc. This conceptual phenomena has take away many people to a distance from politics. There is a fare factors indirectly influencing on political movement. Various flim, theater has also shown various such histry, as such common man are try to avoid this. A recurring event regarding criminal in politics has arises, the corrupt political leaders has repeatedly forced for judgements in the Court of laws but never declared as culprit or never ended their judgement. Hence what lesson are going to the society? Accordingly there are no bar to enter in to politics for those. And this will continue until there is an eligibility criteria fixed for the Politician. Thanks.
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    I appreciate the author for showing his concern about bad elements' entry at higher positions where they can influence even the system. Some people express their concern about this issue but mostly, it goes down unheard.
    The most affected areas may be pointed out. I think the police department and politics is being polluted by these elements at large. I have heard some people saying that some policemen are similar to goonda elements. Their language is generally indecent. I have come to know that they are taught to use abusive language too, I don't know if it's an authentic saying about them and. It may be blamed on the police department though but it's often seen that some of them are fluent in abusive language. Why is it so?
    When anti-social elements enter politics people can't expect better results from them. It's our foolishness why we elect them. Can they entirely be blamed for winning their elections? Certainly, not. It's us, the voters who are senseless to choose them . Why they don't see who is the right candidate and who is the wrong one.
    Political parties also need to ponder over this serious issue. They should not give their party tickets to them. It's wrong to give them their respective party tickets despite knowing about them in detail. People who are adhered to a particular party are carried away and they elect such people.

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    If bad elements come in power then they would malign the environment and make money and fill their coiffeurs. Public should be very alert on this issue and even if we are attached to a particular party then we should also see the candidate and if he is a bad guy we should avoid him and see that he does not come in power. Such people will do harm to the country and actually, believe me, they are anti national elements
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