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    Many people do not consider freelancer jobs safe.

    In today's time, whether we talk about a freelancer job or an online business, we are seeing that as the world is becoming digital, the demand for digital works has increased and for this freelance job has become a successful option, that is also being proved. Still, many people do not trust freelance jobs, especially the elders. I have a friend, his elder brother is an ethical hacker, whose monthly income is sometimes between 40,000 to 1 lakh, and his success is also seeing by all. But even when it comes to his marriage, people have a little problem with the job, which is also quite normal because their daughter's future is concerned here.

    Recently, when many people had to lose their jobs due to the Corona epidemic, then freelance jobs became the biggest option for income, and everyone knows this, but still, there is daoubt among the people regarding the freelancer job.

    Many of you authors are also seniors citizens or elders of your family, I would like to know do you also think that a career in freelancer job is not secure. Please share your thoughts.
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    The world is changing. There are is no job that is secure these days. Perform or perish is the order of the day. One should not leave any chance that is coming in his way. Make hay while the sun shines. Today you have a chance to earn online as a freelancer. Tomorrow you may not have that also. So we should always remember that a bird in the hand worth two in the bush. So don't think about the permanent job and all that. Try for a permanent job but don't lose the chances that are there today.
    Online jobs and freelancer jobs are going to increase and the money you are going to earn will be in proportion to the time what you are sparing for it. These days even the government is also trying to reduce its burden by downsizing their jobs and outsourcing the jobs. Slowly the concept of permanent will be forgotten. So if somebody is a chance to start their own small business, let them do it. That will be the best way for anybody. Depending on the government and expecting permanent government jobs is not suitable these days.

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    Though the freelancer jobs are not safe and secure, people still like for one big reason that there is no fixed working hour and we have to decide our course of time and place. Though the earnings and income depend on working hours some jobs are time bound and fetching. For example the part time catering boys are now offered 500 rupees with food in the same function. The timing of the work would be five to six years and that makes the earning more lucrative because these functions takes place in the late evening and mornings can be dedicated to some other work.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Freelance job well paid job . Those who n.a. e abilities in any field can work as a freelancer in that particular field. Many graduate in journalism who could not get a suitable job are working as freelance journalist. They are in a much better way and their coverage from ground is more reliable than those journalist who report from their studio. These journalist have to work very hard from ground zero. Since they are not from any famous news channel, so they face several hurdles in their way even don't give them so much importance as they give to established news entity personnel.
    ANI is a famous freelance news agency which is working in this field for several years. Even famous news channels buy their report instead of sending their reporters in the field.
    Some people are working as freelance photographer. Freelancing is a vast field and it has wide scope for eligible people .
    As the author raised a question that this society creates problems for them at the time of marriage. I don't know about it . It might have come in cognizance of the author. Only those people who do not know about freelancing may raise their finger at this profession.

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