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    With the Assembly elections approaching, all parties are on the lookout for celebrities.

    With the Assembly elections approaching, all parties are on the lookout for celebrities. Is there a need for this ?. No one in your own party?.

    Is it right to exclude young people who are working hard for their own party and contest celebrities in elections ?. Why not give a seat to those who are suffering for their own party by excluding these celebrities who have no great political knowledge ?.

    Only during election times will some new faces come to the fore. It only serves to lose the seat of others. Whether in the Lok Sabha or the Legislative Assembly, they have no time to speak for the people and they do not strive for it. Then why should they be allowed to vote and win?
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    Elections are like the entrance examinations for the people interested in making a career in politics. The syllabus is not so simple and there is no guesswork. One has to try all the tricks and tips of the trade to get through this most coveted test. Bringing in celebrities is a time tested formula as simple gullible people are attracted to the celebrities and start feeling about the party in an associative sentimental process. Celebrity is a conduit between the political party and the voter and a gullible person can be pulled in easily with such arrangement of bringing in celebrity.
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    With many parties having failed to honor their promises made during the last election now fear to appraoch the celebrities who can cash on the votes for their mere popularity through movies. And poor fans not having any idea about these so called actors and icons, simply go by their face and looks and cast their votes. We have seen that many celebrities who got elected are the damp when it comes to performance. Some who are elected as the MP during the last elections have no time visit the sessions of Parliament there by creating mockery of the very democracy. So this time the voters should be matured enough to reject the celebraties who may join for their very survival and not with the intention to serve. Voters need to demand their right to ask the contested candidates to perform or perish from the scene.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Yes, the Celebrities specially from the Film Industry are Joining the Party in all most all over India. Celebrities are those who have a remarkable achievement in their respective specialized fields. They have no doubt has specialized knowledges which can be utilized for the development of the society as well as for the country. They needs a very less advertisement in any fields as they are already popular. Accordingly there is a chance to elected in the voting competition. But only Celebrities from Film Industry need not be suitable , there should be the Celebrities from every sectors of the society for their specialized quality contribution for overall growth of the country. But there may be controversy regarding this.
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    Now I came across the news that the Metro man Sreedharan has decided to join the BJP and should be the hot news because officers of his cadre chosen politics.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Historically, celebrities were the important lot and were used by the political parties for dual purposes. First one is related with the publicity as celebrities can pull a large number of people to the meetings and speech functions arranged by the political parties. Other is that the parties give ticket to the celebrities so that they can have more chances in winning in election.
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    In the South Indian States, we see the influence of celebrities in elections. But this is not the case in north India. NTR, MGR, Jayalalitha, Chiranjeevi and Pavan Kalyan made a very big mark in politics. Vijayashanthi and some other celebrities also participated actively in politics. Kamal Haasan and RajaniKant also getting into this field.
    The people from Southern states are more hero worshippers. They feel these actors above all of us. So the chances for them to get more votes are high. That is why all parties are trying to attract some celebrities thinking that the voters will vote for them. But it may not be correct to think that all celebrities will win the elections. The voters a little more educated these days and I think they will not go simply by the face of the candidate. They may see the experience of the candidate in politics and his past history. So it is wise if the political parties think about the candidates and their contributions to society before deciding on casting their vote.

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    @ Mohan

    Metro man E. Sreedharan now has a reputation in Kerala. With working with the BJP, that reputation will be gone. He also expressed interest in becoming the Chief Minister of Kerala if the BJP comes to power. He joined the BJP with the desire to become the Chief Minister of Kerala. That desire does not seem to be happening here in Kerala.

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    Political parties generally don't invite celebrities to election rallies but individual political leaders of almost all parties invite them to garner the support of people. Many people don't go to political rallies but when they hear about any celebrity coming they also become part of the crowd. Often, we see movie stars are coming to election rallies. They speak any movie dialogues at the demand of people and people clap for them. These are the techniques of the politicians to mobilise people on rally ground.
    When political parties give tickets to celebrities or famous personalities their aim is to win the seat.
    Several famous people like E Sreedharan have joined political parties. When they come to politics it doesn't look good to many people, especially, those people who have been their admirers for years. These celebrities should stay away from politics.

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    I fail to understand that good officers who are known for their caliber and efficiency are dragged to the politics and they become useless as their voice nor the experience taken into account.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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