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    Have you too seen this pattern in children?

    For children, especially in the primary classes, a pattern is often seen that girls are more sincere than boys. If we talk about study timings, the girl starts studying on time without being forced by their parents but on the other hand, when we talk about boys we find that the parents have to force him and ask again and again to start studying on time or finish their homework. It can also be observed that a girl's notes are more organized than a boy's.

    Many times the same system remains for a lifetime and the attitude continues. Are girls really more organized for their education and other work since childhood or are there different ways of upbringing in our society due to which this nature of boys and girls develops?

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    Very important observation made by the author and it is the fact that the girls get more maturity and thoughts at the young age and the boys are more lethargic and go easy attitude. They understand the plight of the mother and gives the helping hand at the kitchen. Girls feel concerned about the father keeping on inquiring about the health and care and that is absent in boys who are interested to have more pocket money than asking about welfare of the father. And girls keep the home clean without even asking for and the boys spread the filth inside the house unmindful of who is bothered.
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    I also heard this. Girls will be more systematic and organised in their efforts more than boys. But it may not be the case in all cases. I used to be very organised during my student days. I used to get up early in the morning. My mother used to call me as soon she gets up and I used to get up immediately. But my sister never used to get up even after reminding her a number of times. All my brothers also used to get up on their own to study early in the morning and they used to maintain the books and other items in a very well organised system. So my experience is different from what I heard many times.
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    Good observation. But I have seen in some houses parents are asking to do household works or sending to shops for petty things in order to divert their mind from play or study.

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