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    Do you think, India is moving towards Gig Economy?

    Before and after COVID, Indians are moving toward entrepreneurship. There was a huge impact on Jobs while Lockdown. Work from home culture is also well adapted. Moreover, people now are more interested towards freelancing and prefer to be independent workers or some kind of small business to become entrepreneur. If we see this scenario, it looks like trend toward Gig Economy. What is your inputs here?
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    Surving against the all odds has become order of the day and corona has given us the great lesson to survive on own and selfhelp. This prompted many to go for self business for survival for themselves and for the family. Nothing wrong as such. One teacher has opted to sell organic vegetables with door delivery and she was happy to survive with dignity as many supported her. As long as one is not stealing or doing unlawful activities to earn, the world would support any cause and makes the person more perfect. Survival of the fittest are gone thoughts, survival of the situation has become the need of the day. Good that many have come out of their fixed ideas and known the fact that none would help them in the long process and therefore they need to brace up and look for newer pastures for life survival.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    COVID 19 brought many changes in our thinking pattern. Managing everything from home has become the order of the day. How to see that both ends will meet has become a big question for many families. They have to survive and chances of getting a job or retaining the job have become a big issue. So people started self-employment methods to earn. Even in villages, I am seeing people trying to do something on their own. This situation is bringing out the entrepreneur skills of the individuals. Many ladies are trying to sell some foods made in their houses so that they can make a living. These trends make an impression that people are trying to make a living based on the opportunities that are arising.
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