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    Why many people lost their sleep

    I am seeing many people irrespective of age spend their nights without normal sleeping. If aged there may be problems or worries but that not prolong for more than two days. This sleepless nights make others not to sleep either by disturbed or worried on their such situation.
    I have seen an aged couple woke in the early morning daily by 4.00 am as if they have some work engagement. This may be their practice but will their health got not affected.
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    Many people especially aged people are having the practice of going early to bed and getting up also early. Hours of sleep is more important. If I go to sleep at 9 PM and get up at 4 AM also, I will have 7 hours of sleep. In addition to that, they will sleep for one or two hours during day time also. My grandmother used to get up every day at 4 AM. In the afternoons she used to sleep for 2 hours. In the night by 9 PM the lights are off and all were used to get into sleep. It all depends on how got habituated.
    These days people are going to bed late in the night and so they get up late in the morning. As we become aged I think we can have only a disturbed sleep and we have to get up 2 or 3 times in the night. But young people may not have that problem but they may not like sleeping early.
    In our childhood days, we were taught that getting up before the sun rises is the best habit and keeps us healthy and happy. But these days nobody will think of this as correct.

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    It is the fact that from the child to the elders, they are forgoing the sleep for one reason or the other. As the parents and grand parents keep wake up even after the mid night the children are also joining them forgoing the sleep. The students in the name of reviewing the online class lessons during late evenings are denying their sound sleep. The working class are forgoing the sleep as they fail to connect with the relatives and friends during the day and they keep awaken even up to 1 am. And the elders at home need to keep wake up because they have to serve with beverages and snacks thus demanded. Thus in a house almost all the family members are avoiding the sleep which gives rise to fatigue and laziness next day and if that happens to be the important day then the tension mounts whether to skip work or not.
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    Early to sleep and early to rise is a good habit. In my childhood, we used to take dinner before sunset and would sleep between 8 to 9 p.m. but now the time has changed. I sleep late at night and it has become normal for me. Old people still sleep early and rise at dawn.
    Man has become a materialistic machine to compete in the race of advancement and progress. They are running after luxurious life and this situation has deprived them of sound sleep. Lack of sound sleep has become a common problem in the western world and our metros. Many of them require pills to have sound sleep. I think a man should not be greedy for so much progress that he reaches the stage where he loses his sleep also.
    Sound sleep is mandatory for good health as well as for the mind. If someone does not sleep normally his peace of mind gets disturbed, he is inflicted with a mental disorder too and he has no option except going to a neurologist it psychiatrist.

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    With the increasing development of technology, people who are unable to maintain sobriety, that is, some bad habits of people are disturbing their sleep process. We have seen, many people have a habit of watching something on mobile for hours at bedtime or staying busy with their friends with social media. While doing this, people do not understand, but the Blue Rays coming from the mobile interrupts the process of sleeping. If one night's sleep is disturbed, then your whole week may get worse. The best way is if the person does not see the mobile for 1 hour before bedtime, as well as during the day, exercise or etc., which should cause fatigue in the body. The best solution I can understand is book reading, when we read any book before bed we get fast and good sleep.

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