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    Big boss of our life

    Who is big boss of our life. The mother who nurtured us and made as the valuable citizen of the country, the father who was instrumental to bring us the quality change in our life along with mother, the teacher who were instrumental in changing our thinking pattern to understandable level of school and college life, the company boss who has been sustaining our mistakes and slow performance at the work and yet allowing us to continue or those friends who were with us in the high and low times of our life?
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    Our parents are a unique creature. They can't be compared to any person. in this world. The mould and shape us when we are kids. They are the real people who lay the foundation of our future life.
    I agree that teachers are greatly instrumental to us about our education. But in the modern age, they have now changed. Their style of platonic teaching sans emotional touch is not able to produce good human, instead, they are introducing fresh consignment of their production as dull and indifferent.
    Perhaps the boss of the author is a good person by nature. He does not mind the mistakes of employees. It is a good gesture for inefficient employees but being too much tolerant of mistakes may give a negative result, sooner the employees will become dull and they will begin to take their company for granted.
    Good friends are greatly instrumental to us at every step in our efforts.

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    Sir, as you said, our mother, father, teachers all play a vital role in our lives. But one should be the Big Boss of one's own life. Nobody can play other person's roles. It is that particular person who have to learn and exihibit it.

    Parents can help us, hold our hand no matter how long but it is who should walk. If we determine not to walk? Teachers can only teach in their best way. Can they write the exam for us?

    If teachers and parents who mould the children to good citizens then all human beings on the earth are suppose to be be good citizens with good values. But why it is not happening?

    If the child is not ready to learn those things and has some thing else in mind, no body can help. The child himself is the Big Boss whether or not to learn from their teachers, parents and to be a good person.

    So, "You be the Big Boss of your life!.

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    There will not be a big boss in our life. Mother, father, teacher, and wife/husband play an important role in our life. Mother is our first teacher in life. The teachers' role is the most important. Mother starts as the first teacher, and after we grow up and start learning in the schools, the teachers take up the role of educating us and guiding us in the right path. All along we have our father who supports us to become a responsible person. Once a person gets married, the wife or husband has an equally important role to play all through the life.
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    I agree with Mallela Jyothi. We are the own bosses of our own life. The parents, teachers, friends, relatives and bosses in the office will definitely have their influence on our life. But finally, we are the people to make a decision about ourselves and move forward. The mother and father are the initial teachers who teach us how to walk, how to talk and how to move. They will hold our hand and guide us through our early lives. Then comes the role of teachers. They educate us and teach us. They will try to show us the difference between the good and the bad. They mentor us and see that we move in the right direction.
    With all this helps from different people we will have good chances to progress well in our lives. But how we react and how we take the suggestions of our parents and teachers will be important and thus our own decisions will only decide the pattern of our lives. So we are our own bosses and we are the architectures of our own lives.

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    I also believe that we are our own big bosses in our own ways. We can mould our lives the way we want and choose the way we live in this world. Traditionally, we were taught in the society that God is the real Big Boss in this cosmos and is observing us from a distance which is not assessable by us and keeping control on us in a round the clock manner. We are like puppets in his hand though we may not like to be like that. There is no choice. People in our lives whether family members, friends, or colleagues or even work lace bosses are exactly not the big bosses in true sense as we all work together in a cohesive fashion in the given hierarchy. At the most we can say that they are the associates to get the work done in a desired fashion.
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    Boss will always remain a boss if he is more qualified than you or not. And as early you accept it you would be happy otherwise your professional life may become a hell.

    These days in many offices they don't promote people by their qualification but on the basis of their work so in many places even the people who are not having any degree/diploma also become hods. But that's okay because they are more skilled and have better knowledge of work and experience than others as management too think on all these things before promoting them.

    It's all about the private sector but in government offices the people are purely promoted on the basis of their work experience even though they are not worth to be a boss. In such cases the subordinates get frustrated as they don't get any support from their boss and in many cases they just ignore their boss.

    In my life I consider God to be my boss.


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    In general, we all are big bosses of our own lives, but sometimes there are some special people or special relationships who play the role of big bosses for us. First, our parents are our big bosses, teachers, and principals in the school are also big buses, then after growing up after getting married spouse can also become the big boss. Individuals in different stages have their own control over us but still the most control. And we sometimes play the role of Big Boss in the lives of other people too.
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