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    Indian think tanks far superior than others

    The Indian space scientists have been instrumental in the success of the recent Mars mission program of the US, and that proves that our think tanks are far superior to others. It is high time that our country should call back all those high profile scientists, engineers, corporates, professionals and other important people who are helping other countries to grow and flourish, leaving behind India at the stage of a developing country. Our think tanks should work for our nation progress. What is your take?

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    Many of the Indians emigrated to other countries for various reasons. Some of them became famous in their chosen fields. Mrs. Swati Mohan is the latest to grab the attention because of the bindi she wore on her forehead apart from her role in the Mars Exploration Project. Indian origin people who migrated to other countries are making India proud. They have the opportunities and facilities which are not available in our country. It is too premature to ask them and come and work in India. After having migrated to in the childhood and getting their education and job over there, most of them may not be willing to come back. Our think tank may be good but saying it is far superior to others is something too much. We should not get carried away and boast our greatness over the others too much.
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    In every field Indians are excelling across many countries in the world and they are benefiting and we not.
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    A nice observation made by the author. Indian brains are as good as any other in the world and they can perform well in conducive environments. If the governance in our country improves and transparency is brought in public affairs then surely we will be at par with others in any project completion or race for learning. Unfortunately, in our country because of corruption and inefficiency our progress is halted but we can also do things of that order here itself if the working environment here is made similar to those few outside countries which are leading in so many areas of research and scientific explorations. There is no need to bring them back as the people available here are also capable to do so if given the same environment and governance. There is no dearth of good brains here. What is required is conducive environment.
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    That is true. Many non-resident Indians who settled in other countries are doing very well in their fields. Recent news about Mrs Swati Mohan's role in the Mars mission made every Indian feel happy. She made all of us proud. Like her, there are many people who settled elsewhere who are also doing well in their fields. A Noble prize winner who settled elsewhere said that he got the noble prize as he went out and worked there. The then governments in India those days were not able to provide a conducive atmosphere and facilities to these scientists in our country. That is why they moved away and started working elsewhere.
    Indian Space Scientists in India are also doing an excellent job and they are competing with many other countries in space programmes. As mentioned by the author if really some of the NRIs come back to India and start working here, it may make a lot of difference. But I doubt very much whether those people are ready to move the places where they settled.

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    Wherever, the Indian are there, they would show their talents and it is applicable in all the fields be it field of science, humanity or otherwise. We can show our best performance provided environment supports them in carrying out their persuits. We have seen many scientists and reaserches in our country paying full attention to their jobs prior to 1950. Those days, the environment was conducive in the sense that they got the support of their bosses while doing their experimentation. They were provided all the resources essential to sustain their activities but with the progress of time due to lack of proper guides and funds, the scientists in India are facing a lot of constraints. Allowing them the necessary support, they could prove their best talents.

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    We have this brain-drain problem for many years. When talented young people are not given their due status and when their talent is not appreciated and not given a suitable job, they are not left any other option but to migrate to any developed country. They are welcomed there and are paid a handsome amount which they don't expect in India.
    Now the situation of joblessness is also on top. Talented and well-qualified people don't want to stay in India. They are migrating to the US and other destination to have their bright-future. When they get a good job there they settle and don't return. Millions of talented Indians are giving their services to foreign countries.

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    Indians are doing very good work especially in foreign countries in whichever project they are associated. This fact has been mentioned by many high ranking people in foreign countries. If given a conducive and encouraging environment, we can do miracles.
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    Let's not go into this superiority or inferiority of the think tanks over others. Talent is there in every country and when it is nurtured properly the outcome is always good and beneficial to mankind. Indians were never far behind in terms of talent and when they are given the chance to prove their talents the results are excellent. Many professionals in their respective fields throughout the world are either of Indian origin or Indians went abroad for greener pastures. Those who are of Indian origin have migrated to various countries long ago and well-settled there. Coming back to India will never be in their mind because by birth they are citizens of a different country. Those who went abroad for greener pastures and doing exceedingly well will not plan to return to India since they will never get the opportunity required to flourish in our country. The focus of the government must be all-round development without any political interference in different sectors. The involvement of politics on various fronts are actually hampering the growth and when such an atmosphere will be created where the mindset of people will be only towards development then I don't think talented people will leave the country so easily.

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