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    Does untouchability still exist in our country?

    Recently, I have read the novel untouchability and I was really disappointed to learn how badly the lower caste people were being treated by the upper class people. The lower class even had to beg for food and drinking water.

    The lowered class were asked to remove the human excreta and burn it. Can we just imagine this? Is there any tougher job than this? They were treated worse than dogs. I was really touched by knowing these kind of things.

    I hope the situation is better now. I too have seen untouchability in my place but not so worse. The lower caste are living their lives but they are not allowed to enter the house of upper caste people.

    My mom don't even offer them coffee or water with the tumblers we use. She will keep a separate ones for them. In villages they are not allowed to temples.

    Even in the 21st century the caste system exist. By seeing this caste discrimination, I feel like there are different species of human beings.

    Please let me know your views about this.
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    It is unfortunate that untouchability still exists and the old timers are strict in following them. The orthodox families in the South are obsessed with their own cleanliness drive that they would not allow outside people to enter their main rooms and even if they offer the beverages that would be on the special cups designated them. Most of the agraharams or the four streets of big temples are still not allowing the other sects of people and they need to be content with praying from the distance. Though these are known to everyone nothing can be done as the untouchable as become the happening thing across the country.
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    The author starts a discussion on an important issue of our society. The form of untouchability may have changed at first, but it has not ended yet. There have been many movements before untouchability even before independence, on the basis of many rules, our constitution-makers have given many provisions in the constitution with the help of which this social problem or evil can be eliminated, but sadly the constitution is becoming Even after so many years, this disease cannot be removed from society. One big reason for this is the small thinking of the people but at the same time, corruption is also a big reason. Due to corruption, the benefits of such provisions are still not reaching the lower classes of the appropriate sections. Whatever is developed, they are constantly taking advantage of these articles and act.
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    Untouchability still exists in our country at large. The author has mentioned their poor condition but now such a scenario does not exist, at least, in a large part of the country. Superficially, untouchability has been a part of history but its ages-long tradition practicality still exists. The upper caste still hates the lower caste in our area. People who are of lower caste can't enter the home of the upper caste. They can't sit with them.
    I have heard that untouchability is still in bad shape in Rajasthan where the marriage procession can't go through the locality of the upper caste. Traditionally bridegroom rides on the horse but he can't ride on a horse in villages where the upper caste has dominance.
    Their pots are still separate. They can't be invited inside homes. They remain standing before upper caste people.
    It's said that around a hundred years ago they were treated like animals. They had no right before the upper caste. But post independence era when they were given reservation rights. They got an education and government employment. It changed the picture of society. Now on the ground, it doesn't look exist but in mind, it is still deeply rooted.
    This problem exists in Muslim society also. So-called upper caste in Muslim society can not marry their daughter to the so-called lower caste family. Why this menace still exist the reason is that most Indian Muslims are converted, so this traditional mindset is not changed yet.

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    I read but never seen such people who behaved very badly with lower-class people. My grand father used to tell some stories where some upper-class people ill-treat lower class people. These days there is a change in the attitude of the people. Even in villages also we are seeing the changes. People are not worried about the caste of the other person. All are living together.
    Only politicians for their personal benefits remind the people about these castes. In normal life, nobody is bothering about the castes. All are allowed to get into temples and all are equally treated in meetings and other important events. This is a welcome change. There should not be any discrimination based on the caste, religion and creed of the person. Then only we will see around development in the country. Let us understand the importance of no caste society and make all efforts to move in that direction.

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    Earlier it was much prevalent but now slowly it is reducing in great extent. May be in some remote village corners there might be this differentiate still going on but generally an educated person will not do like that.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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