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    Constant efforts required even after a success.

    We all make one goal in our life and we make efforts day and night to achieve it. Our hard work and perseverance definitely lead us to our goal. Some people create a new goal in their life before a goal is met, and once the goal is achieved, they are trying to achieve the goal again. But once people get success, then they start living a comfortable life and reduce their efforts. But it is not right to do this. We cannot spend our whole life on the strength of a single success, that is why even after getting success, we have to make constant efforts to maintain that success at that level or to take it to the top of the height.
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    I agree with the author that we need hard work and consistency in our efforts to achieve our goal. when we succeed in our efforts it takes us to heights but gradually, we start to decline from the top position. We are required to keep our success intact. E.g. Cricket is a very popular game in our country. We can become number one amongst all cricket playing countries but keeping the top-ranking amongst all of them needs consistent top-class performance which keeps the country on top. If we fail to give the best performance our ranking will come down gradually.
    For a student, if he gets the first position in his class he will need to work harder to continue his top position in the class because the top position is a temporary achievement. If he doesn't have consistency in hard work he will lose top position. Sometimes, it creates tension also for losing top position.
    This modern age is the age of tough competition where opportunities are less and competitors are innumerable. Therefore, a struggler requires sincere dedication and consistency to keep his position intact.

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    Achieving a position in our lives require hard work. At the same time sustaining in the same position for long also requires continuous efforts. We can't be complacent with the success that we got. We have to continue our hard work so that we will not slip down from the position we achieved. Many times we say, we are today like this because of our yesterday's efforts. To have a better tomorrow we should work today also hard. This is the essence of our lives. New responsibilities will be coming to us in life as we grow and we should gear up to raise to the occasion and see that we will full fill our all responsibilities.
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    Success has a very short life. Unless you improvise on your skills and aim at higher goals, you cannot lead a successful life for long. Somebody is definitely going to beat you. So you need to be ready for all the challenges.

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    I agree that sharing knowledge with other people, especially, with those people who are intelligent and love gaining knowledge, has a positive side effect also if we do so our knowledge will also improve. When we share our gained knowledge with them, new windows of understanding and explaining our knowledge are opened, new aspects are highlighted. If we don't share our knowledge it will begin to diminish gradually and we will begin to lose our treasure. It can be retained if it is distributed among people.
    As far as happiness and grief are concerned I partially agree with the author. I think we should share our happiness and grief with our well-wishers only- who care about us, understand us and want us to see happy. Some people might feel jealousy about our happiness. They or their ilk may feel happiness at our grief or some of them might laugh at our grief. We should be reserved in this regard.

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    There is a wise saying that time wait for none and sorrow and happiness come after another. This is the life cycles , during life cycle everyone try to achieve but some one with proper planning &hard working achieved in the highest goal. That is his boom period, he should maintain the standard with continuous highest effort to stay there as much time to continue. If he able to hold it, otherwise needs alternative way to deal with it. Like a business activities to stay in market with long run. Thanks.
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    @ Arafatuzzafar
    The topic of the thread is " Constant efforts required even after a success", it's not about sharing knowledge and happiness.

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    Once a person gets success in life then it makes him happy and contented but the things do not end here. He has to maintain that position and come to the expectations of other people and society where he is working.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Life is a long journey and in this we cannot thrive on one success. In fact success and failures are a part of our lives and sometimes are beyond our control. So, there are many factors which decide success in our lives. Once we get success we feel happy about it and feel that our efforts were really good that we had such a success. Apart from this there is one more important point to ponder and that is as how to keep this success maintained in the coming times. There is so much competition in the market and our workplaces that we have to fare well and perform in the best possible manner if we really want to maintain our success level that we have recently acquired. It is said that keeping a position requires more hard work than achieving it. I feel that it is a true statement. In view of this we have to be very attentive in our work even after getting success and we should not take it casually or lightly.
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    Achieving success in any job can make you happy and it may boost your confidence level. Never be complacent once you have achieved success.Since life is a long journey and to remain ahead of others, you need to be competitive always thinking how best the next job can be managed with the same rate. Your achievements in the past would definitely stimulate you in going ahead creating positivity within you. You could know the different approaches helping you in achieving your goal and taking up any job without zeal cannot give you guarantee of success. Your consistent approach and understanding the different components of jobs can ultimately make you victorious.

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    The main take of our success that it must be sustained and it should not stop mid way and suffer from non performance and negative performance. It is the tendency of human being to seek more and ask more when the performer meets the success. That means much expectations are sought from those who proved their mantle of growth. No body would be wanted to be stale and want to be one step ahead of yesterday's performance and for that one has to plan to be the winner. And those who have performed cannot under perform and that would be demeaning their own stature.
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