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    Try this chilly powder and ghee soaked Idli in Chennai

    After months of compulsory confinement to one's home, it does feel great to visit the vibrant metro called Chennai. There are plenty of options for eating out. Those with formidable core competencies are emerging in every nook and corner of the city. One such formidable brand is Murugan Idli Shop, which is extremely famous for its full Idli soaked in a uniquely ground chilli powder. The taste is simply superb. Soaked in the four different varieties of chutney and served on the traditional banana leaf, the treat is just too good. Each Idli costs Rs30 and is available throughout the day. The vada served is just too good as well.

    Members who might look for something novel may please try this outfit that has many branches in Chennai. Every branch is it's own and there is no franchise at all. A place worth visiting. Am writing this piece after trying their famous chilli Idli. Of course, the concept is unique to this brand.
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    We tasted this idli. We make this in our house. The chilly powder is made in our house and we use it with ghee when we eat idli in the house. It is of very good taste and I like it. As advised by the author, if any chance comes definitely I prefer tasting that idle in Chennai. Chennai is very famous for idle and Sambar. Many times during my visits to Chennai I tasted idli sambar.
    In our house we make idle powder. This is made by mixing some dals and chilli powder. We mix this powder with ghee and eat it with idli. The taste will be very good.

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    This type of idlis soaked with chilli Idli powder with gingly (sesame) oil is common in Tamil people houses especially in marriages. We can keep this even for one more day without refrigerator. We normally prefer to take this type of idlis when we go for long travel either in train/car/bus.

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    Generally, Idli is eaten with coconut chutney and sambhar. We add tomato chutney, coriander chutney and puthina chutney. When we cannot have these chutneys, we prefer to have chilli powder with other gredients mixed with pure gingelly oil or ghee. No doubt the Idli chilly powder is very tasty.

    For this, we need not go to Murugan Idli shop which is very costly. We can make it at home and enjoy the dish.

    Yesterday, while I was driving from Bengaluru to Tirunelveli, my driver recommended Murugan Idli shop located near Krishnagiri for breakfast. We found the shop crowded. As we had planned to reach my home before the sunset, I ignored it and had breakfast in an ordinary hotel, to save time. We had one dosa and two idli and one tea each, that cost me only Rs. 90/-. That was cheap and best from the wayside hotel.

    Let us not spend money unnecessarily, for idli of Rs. 30/- but care the small hotels for their survival.

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    When we were in Chennai for a few years then we had gone to so many small eateries there which were very reasonably priced and offered a good variety of Idli, Dosa, Vada etc and we really enjoyed it. In some places they gave us molten Ghee also that added to the taste much.
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    Ghee soaked Idli with chilli powder around would be of good taste and even in Hyderabad we have some authentic hotels serving such way. Those who are the regular eaters they know the choicest hotels and they would surely visit that place. The author seems to be looking for varied kind of food and hit upon this restuarant and that should be giving immense satisfaction. It is the fact that when we are paying good money for the food then the taste shouldbe good and that gives us the eagerness to visit tht joint often.
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    Chennai is a place where so many good hotels are available where one can get the ethnic, reliable, and original tasting South Indian food. The variety is mind boggling and each of the outlet has its own uniqueness. I remember when I was posted in Chennai we used to go to a small outlet in Mambalam area somewhere in T Nagar. It was crowded but people waited and the dishes were so good that we were tempted to go there only.
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