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    Knowledge and happiness always grow by sharing.

    All of us have been listening to this since childhood and everyone also knows the importance of that "whether knowledge or happiness, both grow by sharing". Yet people act on the contrary. We often see people that if they have knowledge on any specific thing, or they have a talent, then they avoid to telling the people about it, they feel that if they share their knowledge with others then competition will increase for them and hence they keep the same knowledge hidden, on the contrary, those who share their knowledge with others also increase their knowledge more than before.

    There are some such people who mostly express their grief in the world and inadvertently increase their trouble, but those who share their happiness with others also liked by the people and invite happiness into their lives.

    Be a little careful while sharing, because what you are sharing, will definitely get back to you, even more than before, so share happiness and your knowledge with others as much as possible.
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    A good positive thought that we normally read, listen or are advised by many positive thinkers but are not practiced by many. We have read or learned that whet we sow, we will reap the same so the more you share good, happiness, knowledge, you will get it more. But, if you share your wrath, anger, hatred, jealousy, pain, etc, you will get back what you shared and that is pain and sorrow even more than before as mentioned by the writer. There are many examples where people who knowingly or unknowingly shared their happiness or knowledge with others tend to be happier and get back joy and happiness more from others in most unexpected ways but people who spat anger got to taste their own medicine from people at the most unexpected way and place. So let's not try to share what we would not like to get instead share what we want from others that is care, love, happiness, etc.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    The basic idea of the channel is to share your knowledge. So all are here in to sharing their individual capacity with others based on respective topics. Yes, knowledge expansion is depends upon its sharing. But you need a scope to share your specific knowledge. If the stage or platform for specific knowledge is not available, how you can exposed your skill. If a Mathematician employed as a Pizza delevery boy, how can he he give his 100% in his Jobs. Hence infrastructure is the basic needs to get the benefits of excellent services I. e through this you can utilised the skill. Thanks.
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    I also strongly believe that knowledge increases by sharing and helping the needy who wants to learn something but do not have access to a tutor because of financial constraints. Similarly happiness is also a factor which can be enjoyed only in a company and that also a good company. Actually having a good company is of a great value for all of us as it rejuvenates and freshens our mind.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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