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    There is a slight difference between dictatorship and leadership.

    Leadership is a quality that is inherent in certain people, and some people make many efforts to develop this quality and also succeed. A leader is a person who leads a team, that is, makes decisions on behalf of their team and guides the team. But a true leader also involves his team, in his decisions and respects the demands and advice of the team.

    Some people prove themselves to be good leaders with the quality of leadership. But some are unable to manage their quality limits and they do not understand that when they have become dictators from the leader.

    It is leadership, to develop your team, institution, society, or country by becoming a leader, but when a leader becomes a dictator, then he considers his decisions superior to others. Many times people do this by taking advantage of their strength and power.

    But sometimes it happens that we inadvertently become dictators from the leader, so it is crucial for everyone to understand the difference between the dictator and the leader because you can always lead others, but dictatorship cannot last long.
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    A leader leads his team from the front. He mentors and guides all his team members. He will identify the positives and negatives, Strong points and weak points of his team members and use them based on their capabilities. He involves all the members of the team in decision making and sees that the members will actively participate in the activity.
    A dictator is also a leader. He will also lead the people. But his style of functioning will be different. He takes the decisions and sees that all the people will follow his decision. He may or may not consult others before making the decision.
    Some times to be successful in the assignments some leaders may have to act as a dictator. Trying to be good with everybody may not be the right choice to reach the goal. In such situations, a dictator may shine well than a democratic leader.

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    There is no good leader or bad leader as such in a business organisation. Management wants to see get work done with quality and required quantity within the given time. As the market is tough because of competitions. A good leader is one who uses his power to control the functioning of the company and employees as well. However, in my opinion, a leader should be strict on his employees but he should listen to their grievances also and should try to give them all facilities which they are entitled to. He should have the ability to motivate them to produce the maximum amount of production. He should never leave employees free to choose how they should work, however, if required he should consult experienced employees on how to give excellent output.
    He should never insult employees despite being strict on them. If his strictness is considered as dictatorship then I say he should be a dictator.

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    There is no comparison between leadership and dictatorship. Some people have the leadership qualities inherently and some develop them over a period of time. A good leader carries his team along with him and involves them in all decision-making exercises. The working pattern will be in a decentralised manner. A powerful leader may develop tendencies of dictatorship when he wields unbridled power over all the others. A dictator feels superior to others and thinks his views are always correct. He keeps all the decision-making powers and implementation of the same to himself. They will be blinded by the power they wield and prone to commit mistakes that will affect others adversely. One should never have blind faith in an individual and glorify him which will make him develop dictatorship qualities.
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    Leadership is a must for dictatorship. Unless you have the leadership qualities, you cannot be successful as a dictator. A dictator also has a team to lead, but the leader as a dictator will always be successful with his able leadership. I would call it as extreme leadership with good command and effective control.
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    Leadership means to lead and direct the people in a cordial and cooperative way. Leadership requires discipline and compassion. It is an art to rule the heart of the people. A good leader makes his followers to realise that they have to work as a team for the overall interest of the group. Generally the followers like their leader because of these great qualities. On the other hand a dictator works as per his will and simply orders other to work as per his liking failing which he will simply punish them. So, a dictator is not a good thing as it will choke the privy and perusal life of the people. The people will be like slaves under a dictator.
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    Generally a leader is chosen by its followers who follow his advices and directions. The followers practically worship their leader. Without the leader the followers have no standing. Leader is the most important person for them. A good leader is an asset for a society. He will always think for the welfare of the state and its people. There had been many good leaders in the world and their names are earmarked in the History. People take their names with respect. But the names of the dictators are generally taken in a negative way. Dictators generally do not care for the feelings of the people. They rule the world ruthlessly. Dictators impose their power on others and are actually not elected but are tolerated because army and police are under their control and they rule a nation in the same manner as a king used to rule his kingdom in olden times. What we require is good leaders and not dictators.
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