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    International Mother Language Day, 21st February

    Today is International Mother Language Day. UNESCO, in 1999, declared 21st February as Mother Language Day as a mark of respect to the martyrs of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) who sacrificed their lives to protect their language. A proposal in this connection by the Bangladesh government with a view to save languages from becoming extinct was accepted by UNESCO. The theme of the day for this year is “Fostering multilingualism for inclusion in education and society". India is home to more than 19500 mother languages and we need to speak, write and popularise these languages so that they don't fade away as time passes.

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    Mother tongue is an important one for any human. Though one knows many languages his first grasp will go to his or her mother tongue only. Even a scholar of many languages he will cry only in his mother tongue when his legs are booted.
    My wishes to all who celebrates this mother tongue divas with a request not to insult any languages on any account by saying their mother tongue is superior as every language has its own hereditary and appreciated only according to practice or vogue.

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    Very nice information posted by the author. Mother tongue or mother language has a special bearing in our lives. That is the first thing that we hear and utter after our birth so that has to be respected and honoured throughout the life. Today we are in an age of digital technology and at a touch of a button on screen we can change language from one language to another. In earlier times because of lack of communication and lack of movement from one place to another, different languages developed from the same main one having subtle differences between them. So behind a prominent regional language, we will find many similar ones in villages and adjoining areas. It is good to have an attachment with our native language that has stored so many memories and nostalgic events of our childhood in our mind.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Mother. motherland and mother language are very important for all of us in our lives. We should never forget these three during our lifetime. People say that we should not forget our mother and motherland even when we go to heaven also. I add mother tongue also to this. Many people feel speaking in their mother tongue is not a good trait. But that is not correct. You should always remember your mother language and work for uplifting the mother language. You should see that your children will also have a special interest in learning their mother tongue. Many parents make their children talk in English in the house and that will make them forget the mother language. So encourage children to speak in mother language also. Don't discuss with them in other languages. That is the greatest help you can do to uplift the language. I convey my best wishes to all the members of this site a happy International mother language day.
    always confident

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    We understand the importance of the mother language since childhood and the attachment we have with our mother language is not possible with other languages. In such a situation, the importance of International Mother Language Day for everyone also increases. Nowadays, due to employment or other reasons, learning, speaking, and reading other languages ??especially English has become a necessity but this does not mean that we start giving less respect to our mother language. Some people feel hesitant to speak their mother language in front of people, but the truth is that when we are with our loved ones who also know our mother language, then we feel the affinity by talking with them in mother language and the same will not found in the learned language. On this occasion, I would like all ISC members, editors, and webmasters to happy with international mother language Day.

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    In my native place during my childhood picked up Hindi as well as the local language known as Kumauni language. That is very similar to the Hindi only and in our villages people preferred to use that instead of Hindi. We did not have any people talking in English at that time. In fact we learned our A, B, C, D ... only when we reached class VI. It may look surprising but it is a fact. We learned English only when we reached our graduation and found that it was very important to learn English for making a career or qualify in an exam. Anyway, that native language is now slowly getting obsolete as very few people are using that.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Let's pray for those Sons who lost their life for the shake of their Mother Tongue, and congratulates to all for their Mother languages.
    Believe in the existence of God the super power.

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    On this International mother tongue language day I send my greetings to all my fellow citizens who take pride living and cherishing in their own mother tongue language of excellence. And I feel great about being a Tamilian by virtue of my mother tongue being a great Dravidian language. Being in Telugu state I studied my mother tongue as one subject in our school up to the 10th class and that gave me the elated feelings that our exam paper used to come specially for us four students and the results would come from Tamil Nadu. In those days our relatives and friends used to be astonished to hear that we had first language English and second language Tamil. And probably India is the only country in the world which boasts of so many mother tongue and that gives the elated feelings as to how much we give respect to mother tongue.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I thank the author for this informative thread. I didn't know why it is celebrated.
    Mother tongue always appear to be beautiful while speaking or listening or writing. We feel comfortable expressing our views and thoughts. Each word and phrase has a direct effect on the heart because the mother tongue is our favourite language. We love it because as a kid we started to utter our first word in this language. We conversed in our mother tongue. We must keep our family's language alive and we have to transmit this language to the next-generation safely and most importantly - without any alteration or adulteration.
    But it is unfortunate to see that the young generation is running after foreign languages, especially, English. Some people regard English as a matter of greatness or superiority.

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