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    Some alterations are advised good for our healthy living

    We says normally that we are following a good healthy routine. But some comments on our routine as not correct.
    Generally it has been told that more water to consumed daily. But according to some doctors the quantity will vary according to one's body condition. In such situations we should consult our doctor.
    Many of us got tension over the mosquitoes in nights especially. I have seen a relative of mine spend more than half an hour to kill mosquitoes through an electronic bat by searching every corner of room. Instead he would buy a net and sleep inside. This will reduce his tension about mosquitoes.
    Otherwise a thin bedsheet can be used to cover our whole body to escape from mosquitoes.
    We can hear others advice always but thinking to adopting should be based on our body condition and situation.
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    The suggestions given by the author are good and can be adopted if it suits the individual. In our house, we don't have a mosquito problem as we have nets for all the windows and doors. Regarding water requirement, I think our body demands if really water is required and we will take it accordingly. As long as we are healthy and we are able to manage the issues normally we need not worry about such issues. We should have good eating habits and eat as required. Too much eating, Junk food eating and untimely eating should be avoided.
    always confident

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    Food habits and lifestyle are the two main factors which affect our lives and health. It is also true that everyone would not be able to observe a disciplined life which is required for keeping a good health. Still, we have to strive for that.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    There are certain points which need our immediate attention to keep us healthy and fit. The first important point in this direction is the blissful sleep in the night uninterruptedly for at least seven hours. This can be achieved with the proper shutting of Windows and doors so that there is no mosquito menace disturbing our sleep cycles. The next thing is the food which should not be too much spicy and oily affecting our digestive system. The last one how pure is the water being consumed by us so as not to invite water borne disease.
    If we are cautious on these points, we can lead our lives free from disease.

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    The author has taken two issues in this thread - water and mosquitoes.
    When this thread has been posted then we have to write on these two issues too.
    I prefer to take hand pump water. In our area water is very hard to digest but it's full of minerals. Some people are habitual to take only filtered water. They are too much addicted to this water that they can't digest hand pump water. I don't want me to be like them. Small towns and villages are still spared from pollution. But we have to take only filtered water when we are in a city because water is also polluted- even underground water is not safe from pollution.
    I am not a follower of doctors.

    As far as mosquitoes are concerned. I don't kill them because our blood is running in their bodies. (just kidding).
    Actually, I am against killing these tiny creatures. My brother's and my family live in the same house. We have not erected the wall. I have noticed that his rooms have more mosquitoes because they kill mosquitoes by using different available techniques and we never kill them, despite several mosquitoes on our side is very less. I don't know what is the secret behind it. It could be that we don't kill them?
    Anyways, the suggestions of the author to protect ourselves from mosquitoes are good.
    I just switch on a fan or cooler and sleep calmly. I don't care if any stubborn mosquitos have to suck my blood. I think let them enjoy the party.

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