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    The humble cycle rickshaw pullers also lives

    The cycle-rickshaw guys are increasingly rare, these days. Parry's Corner, in Chennai, is possibly one of the largest wholesale markets. Though the streets are not clean, the narrow roads that lead to the main roads are also full of shops of every kind. There are several wholesale silver vessel shops from where an entire lot of vessels for weddings are purchased. One also finds brass vessels. Obviously, when the temperatures shoot up, people need transport to go around. Here is where one can still see the cycle rickshaw guys who charge you Rs 50 to transport you with a little luggage for half a kilometre or less. For two people, they charge Rs 80 to Rs 100/-.

    We need to support these non-polluting guys who make a little money and manage to live. Perhaps we need some pension scheme for such people or co-operatives that can be formed to make their life more better. Do you have such rickshaw pullers in your locality? What do you feel about them?

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    True. Rickshaw pulling is very difficult and as they have no alternative to live on they choose such a profession. How much toil is required for pulling a rickshaw with load is not known to us. I really feel pity for such people. During my childhood days in our village, we used to have these rickshaws. But slowly over a period of time they vanished. Thos people purchased auto rickshaws and now they run those autos in between the village and the nearest town as sharing autos. The banks in the area have given them loans. That is good and now they have better lives.
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    Rickshaw pulling is indeed a very tough task. My childhood spent in north India where I grew up seeing rickshaw puller as rickshaw was the main source of transportation. I used to feel pity for them when they pulled rickshaw in scorching sunlight for which they got little money. Now, when I go to my hometown, I found the number of rickshaw puller has significantly decreased. I think govt should protect them for better survive.

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    Nowadays we do not see them except in some small towns. Most of them have taken loan and gone for Auto or e-Rickshaw. Whenever we go to a place where they are available, we use them for short distances.
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    Rickshaw pullers have become part of history now. We have only one rickshaw puller in our town who works at night because few e-rickshaws run on the road at night. As of three years ago, we would see several rickshaws on the road but e-rickshaws have changed the whole scenario of the local public transport system. Some three years ago local municipal board distributed e-rickshaws and since then rickshaws are hardly seen on the road. E-rickshaw drivers charges only Rs 10/- per passenger. Night charges are not less than Rs50/- and more depends on bargaining.
    I have seen in old movies that in west Bengal rickshaw pullers would pull the cart as animals do. It was really scary to see them.

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    On reading this post my thoughts went to Telugu old song which goes like this. " Rimjhim rimjhim Hyderabad , Rickshaw wallah zindabad, mudu chakkiram gira gira thirigithe motor caru pararu " that means the cycle rickshaw hailed as once three wheels start rolling even the cars can be behind. Surely the song portrayed the modest living of poor people who thrived on the meager earnings through pulling people in the lanes and by lanes of the twin cities . Of course now we cannot see such people ferrying rickshaws and those were converted into goods transport rickshaws and now used commercially.
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    In Kolkata the scenario is still alive since long. Many old people uses this Rickshaw only for short travelling. In the surrounding districts of West Bengal there are various types of Leg pull Rickshaw , you can see them in every Railway Station. People generally used to go from Station to Home by the Rickshaw. Rickshaw stand is common in all Railway station, any Market places, Shopping malls etc throughout the locality. In Bengal they have Union to decide the fare for different routes and distance, created Co-operative for small savings and taking benefit of shot term loan etc. Generally Minimum fare @Rs.20.00 is charges . They have now started their jobs after pandemic period. Many people are engaged in the profession, basically the new people coming from surrounding villages of Bihar, Jharkhand are doing this jobs. Yes, govt should taken specific scheme like Pension which is very much essential for the people like them.Thanks.
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