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    India is becoming a preferred destination for foreign investment

    Yesterday I was going through a news item in which it was mentioned that State Bank of India has collected a huge amount (to the tune of 2 billion dollars) by offering bonds to foreign investors. In fact it was oversubscribed and the interest rate offered is very low (coupon rate only 1.8%) as per the benchmarks in developed foreign countries. This clearly shows that the foreign investors who are flush with money have faith in India and that is why they are so aggressively investing here. I think that it should be a matter of pride for all of us that India is emerging as a preferred destination for foreign investment. This will help India to secure good foreign currency in its lap for business and economic development purposes. What do the members feel about it?
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    India is progressing ahead in many fronts and its image is shining more and more now in the international arena. This reputation building is actually attracting the foreign investment in various areas. SBI being a premier financial institution of India, the response got for its bond issue was expected. It is good to note that foreign investors are having so much faith on our companies.
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    India is the 2nd largest Consumers Markets in the globe, Value of Indian Rupee is very cheaper in compare with dollar, India has the largest cheaper market of labour both skill, semi skill and unskilled. Accordingly due to lowest cost of production the rate of return is higher. Most of the foreign Institutional Investors are always ahead to invest in India for safety and return. If you seen the previous every disinvestment proposal of the govt of India, there are maximum holding of foreign Investors, specially Institutional Investment. And every proposal succeeded due to them. That's indicated India should improve the infrastructural capacity for self improve ment. Thanks.
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    Though the author has shared what is happening and that need to be believed, many members in this site and also the people in general would not agree and they say that huge foreign investments came not because of the central govt conducive atmosphere for investments, just because the SBI has grown leap and bounds after the merger of SBH there has been good reputation for the bank and its functioning and therefore their issue was over subscribed. Surely China is doomed through economy and the India is the only destination for good investments and that is now forth coming.
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    I agree with the author. The coming days will be very good for India. Many foreign investors want to come and invest in India. The Central government and the State governments should utilise this chance and see that maximum investment will come to our country. This will provide more jobs to the youth and the economy of India will also go better.
    The efforts of today may not be visible today. But we will see good days in the future. Many countries are not having a good view of China and hence they are looking at our country as an alternative.

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    It is good to know that foreign investors are taking interest in the Indian market. It will bring foreign reserves to the country. Opportunities for jobs will also be increased and it will improve the economy also.
    Budget 2021 opens opportunities for foreign companies to invest their money in India. They also know that India is a vast market. The unemployment problem is high, labour is cheap. Educated youth can be accommodated at minimum salaries. Their product can be sold in the vast Indian market too. So they will have a huge profit in India.
    From another angle, poverty will be eradicated when people have jobs. All sectors will be affected by foreign investment. Credit should be given to the government.

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    It is very heartening to learn that the State Bank of India sold overseas bonds worth a huge amount. The interest rate to be paid is also very cheap. All this would not have been possible but for Modiji and his government. The foreign investors are attracted by this Government only.
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