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    Is the Congress party preparing for a religious-political move in Uttar Pradesh?

    Priyanka Gandhi is the Congress general secretary in charge in Uttar Pradesh. She arrived at Dehradun Airport with a Rudraksha necklace in her hand. Pictures of Priyanka holding Rudraksha in her hands have already gone viral. Priyanka Gandhi came to attend a farmers' panchayat in Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh.Apart from wearing Rudraksha, Priyanka Gandhi also visited the famous Ma Shakumbhari Devi Temple in Saharanpur.

    In view of all this, it seems that the Congress party and Priyanka Gandhi are aiming for a religious-political move in Uttar Pradesh.

    Can't you imagine that Priyanka Gandhi has come to Uttar Pradesh for political gain?
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    It is very hard to be secular in politics, especially, in this modern age political scenario. Grandmother of Priyanka Gandhi late Indra Gandhi also used rudraksha. It could be possible that she is following her grandmother.
    Soft Hinduism card was played by Arvind Kejriwal in the last Delhi elections. He openly raised the plank of soft Hinduism. Now Priyanka Gandhi is on the same path. Rahul Gandhi also visited several temples during the Gujarat assembly elections. It's all for politics.
    Priyanka seems to be a clever and intelligent leader. She is not a threat to BJP but the day when BJP realises that she may become a threat to them then they will start targeting her as they target Rahul Gandhi. But everything is fair in politics and no party can be blamed for it, even nobody raises his finger BJP for raising religious issues on top in elections period.

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    The tone is set by the BJP and RSS combine. The people are impressed. Now the other political parties have to fall in line for their political benefit. Jai Shriram.
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    Politicians will take advantage of any opportunity that gives them a chance to interact with prospective voters by highlighting some issue which is of interest and concern to those voters. Every politician keenly finds such opportunities to take the advantage and mileage and by doing those permutations and combinations they often get an advantage in election and then get their dream position.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Now the Congress which time and again claims to be the secular party and takes on BJP for its saffron support now caught on the wrong foot and Priyanka Gandhi spotted with Rudraksha on her neck and seems to visit the temples and seek the divine interventions. What ever it is the voters know the gimmicks of Congress party and would play into their hands and UP has been in the complete control of Yogi and as per the precent report the vaccination program is the super hit his state is leading with much vaccinations to doctors and front line workers, In that case how come the voters would shift to other parties.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Congress is desperate to come back in power and in fact any political party will always like to come back if they had lost in the last elections. In past also if we recall such things had happened when a party lost miserably but next time they came back and regained power. In politics this is quite common as no one can hold the position for a long time. The only difference that is perceptible this time is that the present BJP regime has shown some good governance in the country and people are impressed with it. So, it is going to be a herculean task for the Congress party to remove them from power. Due to this the Congress is trying hard to search some issues based on which the present regime can be uprooted. Let us see whether they get some way in UP to enter and win.
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    Religion and caste have been brought into politics before independence and before BJP born. The concept of minorities has been brought into politics for attracting voters. Even today I don't what is the definition of a minority. But that tag will continue to some religions.
    Earlier politicians were thinking that they can win by attracting some minorities. But today the situation is different. The people who are in the majority religion are able to understand the injustice that is being done to them. Now all the political parties are thinking that they require votes from other than minority religions also and hence trying to pull their votes. Let us see what more changes will come in our Indian politics.

    always confident

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