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    Is spending good amount of money necessary for pursuing hobbies?

    Generally, people spend god amount of money and enjoy the things like eating out, going to a tourist place, buying a new item, pursing a hobby, and finally making life happier. My query is that can we become happy in our life only by spending money or there are some otter ways also to have it. For example let us take the point of pursuing one's hobbies. One can read, write, walk, practice singing, do painting, go to local picnic in a group by taking home made food along with, visit local places, visit temples, do community work, learn Yoga, play indoor or outdoor games even with children around etc. So the point is there are so many hobbies or activities where one need not to spend good money for enjoyment. They are easily available strewn around us. What do you think?
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    There are many ways where persuing our hobbies would not require massive money such as vigorous walking, doing yogas, get together with our relatives or friends enjoying home made foods. The author has indicated several routes where a lot of money is needed in persuing their hobbies such as taking food in some expensive hotels, buying a costly items for self or for their family members or any hobby where they would invest substantial amount of money.
    Switching to other places such as visiting local temples, learning yogas or playing with children are some of the best routs where money is not involved to that extent but pleasure can be derived. The only thing is to look out for such hobbies and you are surely to get one costing you not a single amount of money but by doing so, we would get immense pleasure.

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    Every things is required in family life to stay together. Hobbies and related expenses are also a factor but generally it's depend upon the purchasing power according to their choice. But satisfaction also play a vital role in this respect. But the theory of the author is to go with most economically may not be suitable for a portion who are habituated with such activities since childhood as per there standard of life. In economy it is known that consumers are the most economic personnel. Hence their action will be always in right direction. In last every expenses should be incurred in most economic way. Thanks.
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    I feel pity at those who bend upon spending huge amount to satisfy their just wants and needs no matter it costs them more and loss making. Some have the very habit going extra mile for a dedicated product they want and they are even ready to wait for the same product to be available. For example two lady friends goes to the textile shops and try to choose same color same design saree but two numbers. Unfortunately the shop has one such saree and thus they postpone the purchase for the need of other saree. But both of them has failed to understand one big factor that saree designs are going change every now and then and there cannot be same kind same design sarees available and therefore some customers even get annoyed over not restocking the same saree they want and thus get furious over the shop management.
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    It all depends on someone's choice, capability, feasibility, time and interest. Going to market for Gol Gappe or picnic spots of the city, people normally go with families and friends but some people want to explore new places, it's not the matter of hobbies, rather, it is the curiosity to see beautiful places around the world or within country or within state. Some people don't stay at a place they like to keep on moving from place to place. One engineering graduate of Lucknow left his city to travel around the world by his bicycle. While returning home he entered Pakistan via Afghanistan, he was stopped, arrested and imprisoned. You might have remembered when Parvez Mushrraf President of Pakistan visited India He was asked by Indian P.M to release him. Thus, he returned after 14 years.
    How to be happy as the author has questioned? I like to listen to RJ Naved of Radio Mirchi. How to be happy is not a secret matter. Real happiness I get when I help someone who is in deep trouble or problem and my help might help him to come out of that situation. I can't express it in words, my soul feels happiness when I see smile on his face.

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    Hobbies are different for different people. All hobbies need not be linked with money. Spending some good time with a grandchild is a hobby for many grandparents. It never requires any money. You will feel very happy if you spend an hour with small children. These days this is my main hobby. I spend some time with my elder granddaughter and some time with my second granddaughter. My father spends a lot of time reading books. It is his hobby. He needs no money for that. Some people will have costly hobbies. This will be true with rich people. A rich man may be having a hobby of maintaining costly foreign liquor in the house and enjoying the same when any of his close friends or relatives come to his house. I have seen many rich people who will have their minibars in their houses and will have a good collection of liquor.
    Like this different people will have different hobbies and they may require or may not require money.

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    Human beings want a change in their monotonous life by visiting other places and indulging in newer activities. This is a very common attribute of our lives and given the change opportunity one will grab it and will do it. The business related to our such needs is thriving in this world and everything is available in the market waiting for the prospective buyer to come and pick it up. It is said that money makes the mare go and it is true in pursuing hobbies also as everything cannot be done in a DIY mode. For everything today related to hobbies, there is a solution which needs some money to pay for it.
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