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    How many of you frequently talking oner phone to relatives

    Many people do not contact relatives only when they requires some help or information or money. But some persons, including me, do contacting relatives almost daily to keep them in touch. I used to call my relatives almost daily where some elderly persons are there. Since in those days people lived in joint family systems relatives are are frequently visiting in person without minding money and time but now living in scattered level also thinking time and money to see even parents.
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    We must talk to our relatives not only on the phone but spare some time to visit them and inquire about their well being. It is our moral obligation to look after our relatives. No doubt, people are busy with their work and working in a different location to earn their livelihood but asking about the well being of our relatives not only gives peace it will lift the soul of those relative you talked to and spent some time. They will shower lots of blessings upon you and you will feel satisfied.
    Nowadays most people have left relatives on Almighty's mercy and not ready to visit them. It is the responsibility of everyone that we should not only talk but also spend some time and look after them as well.

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    We are in touch and contact with our relatives and friends and through whats-app the welfare of all are available to be known. But what many felt that the personal touch is lost and they could not meet for the past one year. Though through the video calling the talks are going on. as soon as the children see the relatives and their children they feel like sobbing and crying trying to meet urgently now. For this reasons many relatives are talking to each other over the phone when the children are asleep. So the touch has been kept at least through the phones.
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    I talk to my relatives who are at different places once in 10-15 days though some of them are phoning me once every 2-3 days. I am not in favour of phoning to anyone on daily basis as I think that I could be a nuisance to that person. At the same time I do not like incoming calls more than that frequency. When we call a person daily then we do not have anything to talk and then our talks will be as - how much cold it is in the mooring there? Here it is as if summer has started. Traffic is a problem here. Have you taken your meals? etc. These questions are repeated each day and I do not know as how people tolerate it while paying for the telephone bill also. The purpose of telephone is to talk when there is a need. Today what is happening is that some mobile plans give unlimited calls and then these questions become a useful time pass for the persons sitting elsewhere.
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    I keep in touch with my relatives and friends in person and on phone too. In local I prefer to visit them and stay with them for some time, however if my relatives are living in other cities then obviously I take the help of phone to contact them. I don't think that we should stay cut off from our relatives and when we need their help we should bang on them through phone. It's kind of selfishness or avarice which can't be accepted a right approach.
    We should not stay with ourselves only, rather we should socialise with other people whether or not they are relatives and friends. We should maintain a balancing approach with all people. If someone is residing in our colony who is not known to us but if we come to know about him that he is in trouble or he is not well, we should visit him also.

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    I am having a habit of calling my friends and relatives once in a while and say hi to them. I will see that all my relatives and friends will be covered at least once in 15 days. Thanks to the unlimited call plans on mobiles which are keeping our phone bills on the minimum side. I have two numbers. One is provided by Airtel and the other by Jio. Based on the other person's service provider I will use any one of the above to and talk to them.
    Some friends are staying abroad and I contact them through emails. It is always better to keep ourselves in touch with our friends and relatives. We may need their help sometimes and if we start contacting them only when there is a necessity. they feel that we contact them when there is a requirement.
    But some people will never respond to my phone call or they call back when they are free. I feel that they are not interested in keeping in contact with me. 2 or 3 times I contact them and if they continue the same trend I stop contacting such people.

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    It's really necessary to keep in touch with our relatives and friends. May be we no need to call daily but one in a while when we feel there is some news to share.

    However some people's behaviour is so awkward that they will call only when they need some kind of help. Even if we help they forget about it and they turn up. Again they will only contact when they need something.

    I really be annoyed by such people.

    Let me share what happened with me.

    I was working Bangalore and one day a girl from my native place came there and met me. There was no vacancy in my hostel, so she had to stay in a near by hostel. She was new to that place and didn't knew anyone there. I went on helping in arranging her things. I used to see her every morning while going to office and when I return I stayed in her hostel till night and then I was going to my hostel.

    She also asked my SIM so that until she gets a job, she will be engaged in phone to avoid loneliness. I gave my SIM card to her and went to office without phone many days.

    However, after one of her close friends came there and they both stayed together and she never called me back and she pretended to be busy to attend my calls.

    I was so disappointed with her behaviour.

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    Some people got vexed with staying for alone since one year and wanting to move out and mingle. But on learning the sudden surge of cases in four states and also news cases surfacing in Hyderabad there has been change of mind to meet the relative personally. Though the phone conversations are happening there is always a liking to meet somewhere for the while and that can be friends or relatives. But how long we are going to be aloof and away from the relations and friends is the big question as even after vaccination the things are not going to be the same as the situation suggests.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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