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    Do you want to be among the best or lead the best

    Let it be school , college or office, the performance matters and others can easily conclude as to who are among the best and who are sustained performers. But being among the best can be achieved with dedicated work, how to lead among the best should be the next level to be taught by others. By the way even among the best itself is regarded as the outstanding and excellence performance but in these days of competition it has become imperative to be lead among the best and that position should be striven.
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    Mohan has raised a very interesting thread as it is provoking me to analyse the entity 'Best' in some detailed way. Today we are living in an era of cut throat competition and even a change of score by one point deprives us to become the best. I remember that in the year 1973, I attended an interview in UPSC for a post of Scientific Officer. I was very confident that due to my excellent divisions from High School to PG, I would get the post. My interview was also very well done. When I interacted with other candidates in the lobby, I found that all of them were having excellent academic career even better than me and did not fail in any question in interview. That day I realised that best is also a very relative term and now I firmly believe that the performance has a very very big scale and the local best might become ordinary in the global scenario.
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    This thread has a message when we adopt the company of the people we become a part of theirs.
    It's not confined to the career-related matter or school college or any company, it encompasses all walks of life. We should try our best to become the best and for being the best we need to be in touch with the best people in the concerned field as well.
    As a human, we should spend our time with those people whom we assume are best. Their company leaves a strong effect on us which changes our whole personality, traits, habits and even interests.

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    The word Best is a relative term. You may be the best in the division. But when such 3 or 4 divisions combine the best in the division may not be the best here. So I always feel that we should aim to deliver our best. Our best may not be the best always. But we need not worry about that. We should always introspect ourselves and see that we are never performing less than our maximum capacity. When we start comparing with others there will be some problems. When we see a person who is not performing well we feel we are doing very well and become complacent. When we see the performing better than us we may start worrying that we are not able to perform ourselves well and in those thoughts, we will not concentrate on our work. As such we should compare without our own records and see that we will perform at our maximum level. The other things will follow automqatcially.
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    Three members gave three different views on this thread and that is creating more interesting.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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