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    How to handle a less qualified boss?

    There are situations in one's workplace life when one has to work under a person who is far less qualified in education or technical matters but being in a higher position can direct the subordinates to do a particular task in the stipulated time without understanding the practical difficulties associated with the task. By virtue of his higher position he will simply ask for more and more efficiency and scold people when the work is not carried out in accordance with his wishes. Have you ever experienced such situation in your life? How to handle such higher ups and how to make them understand the practicalities and technical aspects related to the various assigned jobs and their completion time? We cannot antagonise with them and at the same time we have to tell them the realistic assessment of the tasks so that they agree for the timings and performance issues in a cordial and collaborative ways.
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    Boss is boss whether he is more qualified or less qualified and after all, he is to be followed. If someone has a problem to adjust himself he can leave the job and try to find another better job where the boss is more qualified. I don't think education has any role in following the command of the boss. If the boss himself is the owner then there should not be a problem for an employee to follow his orders as his servant.
    I never experienced this situation that my senior was less qualified, however, once it happened to me that I happened to work under a senior manager who was absent-minded. I liked to do the night shift. Once the office telephone went out of order, I noted down it I night report and in the morning when the shift was changed I went back to my room. When I came back the next day on duty a show-cause notice was waiting for me. I was surprised to see the reason, and the reason was that I did not inform management about the phone being out of order. My another manager who had a rivalry with the senior manager (who gave me show-cause notice) advised me to send C C to head office, I replied to his notice and sent CC to head office and the next day, the senior manager was asked to report to head office and he was literally rebuked by the chairman. After this incident, the senior manager left the job.

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    " The boss is always correct." Whether one feels the boss is less qualified or incompetent, it is always advisable not to contradict the boss. One has to just follow him. Say yes and do whatever you think is good. If things do not work out well, better leave that organization.
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    The simplest solution in such circumstances is to become a big chamcha of the boss at an individual level, even while preserving and building one's credibility through hard work. The best solution is to creatively see through every problem as an opportunity to keep such a boss happy. Once done, such a boss will always look forward to words of praise for everything that he or she does. Even giving generous lollipops of this praise, the individual has to raise far above narrow interpretations of ego tantrums and become talented in his or her way. The only thing is to ask the boss's opinion every single time and keep him in good humor.

    One strategy is to find out some official weaknesses and extend the opportunities to capture the full picture of such weaknesses. For example, some bosses have a habit of making their subordinates note down every small thing that needs to be done. The subordinate should be there, with a small notepad, and never ever show any emotion. It is quite natural to reserve the choicest of abuses for the boss and everything should be within one's mind!! The individual should mask every emotion and smile till the orders are received. No attempt should ever be made to establish any personal rapport with such bosses at any point in time. The message should be "I-will-faithfully-doo-what-you-want-me-to-do" and still maintain good rapport with other peers and subordinates. No attempt should be made to never ever discuss everything nasty about such bosses. Instead, one's work will and should speak for itself. In this fahion, it is quite possible to get the best under any given situation.

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    Boss will always remain a boss if he is more qualified than you or not. And as early you accept it you would be happy otherwise your professional life may become a hell.

    These days in many offices they don't promote people by their qualification but on the basis of their work so in many places even the people who are not having any degree/diploma also become hods. But that's okay because they are more skilled and have better knowledge of work than others.

    Even though he/she may be less qualified then too she/he knows who works and who doesn't . So it's our work which will make our identity in the eyes of the boss.


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    Boss may be less qualified or more qualified it hardly matters. Sometimes he may be totally from some other discipline as that of the subordinate but that also hardly matters. So, what actually matters? The only thing that matters is that if he is higher in hierarchy then someone then there is no choice to disobey or negate him just because he does not know many things which the subordinate knows. There are many big businessmen who are not educated but are having a multi billion business and are employing so many highly qualified people who simply take orders from the businessman.
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    Working under the less qualifed boss is very interesting and we have to trend with caution becuase he need to be convinced for every work done. Though we cannot under estimate his caliber or understanding of works, he do ask for clarifications and end results to which we need to give the best response. His qualification may be less but that does not mean that he does not know the system of work and the rules framed. By virtue of his real life experience daily he knows the broad side rules and also how the employees can skip his attention. So never be under the impression that less qualified boss is the boon.
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    I worked with many such bosses. On the face of them, if we say what is saying is not possible any boss will definitely get upset. That is sure. If he is less qualified than us he will have that ego also and thinks that we are trying to say that we have more competency than him. So when my boss used to say something, I used to hear and note down his idea. But immediately I never used to tell him that his idea may not work out. The next day I used to go and tell him what is the progress we made and then try to tell him where there is a chance to go wrong. By hearing this, my boss used to feel happy at least for attempting his idea. Then he used to discuss in detail and during the course of the discussion slowly I used to bring in my new proposal and discuss it with him. Then he used to understand the logic in my proposal and used to say yes. But some people couldn't understand this trick and used it to highlight the problems on the face of it and the boss was giving them mouthful and asking them to go and implement whatever he said.
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    Sometimes, it becomes difficult to manage the boss especially when he is seen in the angry mood. He would like to hear how far the job has been done as per his directives. They are the type of bosses instructing hurriedly different points to be included in a piece of work to be done. There would not repeat the same if you interrupted and such an interruption can make the situation unmanageable. Better note down the instructions in a note book and show him at the end of his instructions so as to get the final approval. Here also, you may mark some changes in his earlier phase of instructions. That could be the best part otherwise he may fire you unnecessarily telling you some points are not matching as per his instructions. Never make any argument but quote once this type of job was done from your side and you secured a reward from the earlier head of department and with him he had a friendly relationship. If he is less qualified than you, always say experience make a man perfect in the area of execution of jobs.

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