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    Superstitions are sometimes leading to crimes.

    In our country, people of various regions are having superstitions particular to that area.-Some people follow these superstitions blindly. Many have Gurujis whom they believe very much. Having regard for Guruji does not mean following whatever they say blindly. One has to think for himself and find out whether it is good or not and then only follow such beliefs. Scientific reasoning is necessary to decide upon any belief or tradition to be followed.

    Blind faith is sometimes leading to crimes. Recently in Andhra Pradesh, a well-educated couple, working in responsible positions while doing petty worship sacrificed the lives of their two grown-up daughters aged 27 and 22. They believed firmly that they will come back to life because of the petty worship they are doing. Similarly, many such things are happening in our country. One can follow his superstitions as long as they are not harmful to others.
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    As per reports, the couple killed their daughters in the belief that Kaliyuga was coming to an end that night and that they would come alive the next day when the Satyuga (Era of truth or goodness) starts. So, it was not actually a sacrifice but a murder influenced by superstitious beliefs. It is not clear whether their act was influenced by any Godmen/women but suggestions point to a possible deranged mental condition due to the Corona environment.

    It is so shocking and disgusting that such a heinous act was committed by the husband and wife who were both working in the education sector. The girls also are said to have been badly influenced by the superstitious beliefs of their parents. We will have to wait for the final investigation results and see if there is something more to it than is being said.

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    The author brings out a good topic for discussion. I have also heard about this incident of superstition that this couple killed two daughters. How stupid people are. They were educated too. But how the grown up girls allowed their parents to kill them?
    Often, we read horrible news that small kids or small children were killed because the couple had no children and some tantrik asked them to sacrifice a human life for getting children. Why these tantriks still exist. Are there any books of magic which suggest people that they should do human sacrifice for birth of children?
    This is the worst form of superstition. When a person gets education his mind should be opened to logic and reasoning but despite being educated some people are still ignorant. They are worse than uneducated people.
    I think such books that suggest human sacrifice should be banned and writers and publishers should also be punished.
    In normal life women are more blindfolded superstitious than men and especially those who have no child, generally, they can do anything for babies.

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    It is very unfortunate. Educated people behaving in such a ghostly way is very sad. Killing their own daughters thinking something with no logic is nothing but murder only. Both the parents were arrested and I think now they are in police custody. I read about this incident in newspapers but nowhere it was mentioned that some Gurus prompted them to do it. The mother of the two victims herself thinking that she is Siva God.
    Believing in God and praying to him is no problem. But we should not go for illegal acts to please them. No God wants us to kill our fellow human beings to get His blessings. I have seen some Gurus who will exploit the weaknesses of some devotees and try to take advantage of the situation. Such people are only responsible for these unwanted happenings. Let us be more matured and not go for such unwanted acts.
    The police are trying to investigate whether any hidden issues are there in these murders. Let us wait for the reports.

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    OMG! I too heard about this news. However, when I am reading this this news at this time 3:40 am, am getting scared and looking at the surroundings.

    I am really worried how the people can get this kind of strange behaviour. I was really having some kind of fear when I heard this news.

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    The very disturbing trend of believing something that is not going to happen and committing a huge crime and then repenting has become the order of the day and what is more surprising is the fact that such things are happening in these days when there is more awareness created through electronic and social media and yet the educated lots fall pray to the blind faith. What might have forced those couples who indulged in the murder of their own daughters and that creates the big doubt as to where the motherly and parent touch has gone and they made the mockery of parental love.
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    From the mind of an educated and rational person this looks like a heinous crime as well as foolishness of very high level. But the history is packed with such instances in various forms and variations where sacrificing the children, and even some adults was done in the kingdoms and terrain of some rulers. With advent of civilisation to modern form these things have decreased significantly though we are hearing stray happenings like this one time to time. There are many areas which are not scientific in their nature and do not appear logical also but some people believe in them and when they have a blind belief, they commit unpardonable acts which are then condemned by the society. As regards to the Gurus or Preachers of all kinds, it is clear and obvious that most of them have taken up this profession as they did not get some good career line in their lives and took up this easier task of misguiding and misleading the people. I do not say that all of them are frauds but believe me, a majority of them are.
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    I think this superstitions is the adverse effect of depression or psychological . In our society many such incident happens which may be the marginal effect of these. Depression is one of the most common anxiety disorders, especially in adults. Depression is a mental disorder that affects a person and can strike at any moment. Here is a mental disorder in this condition that affects his mood. In this situation he has abnormal feelings, which fall into a calm and deep class which results in him falling into this disease. If a person is deeply affected by this disease, he is away from performing his daily activities or he is away from his normal life and this can be considered as a sign of a depressing sequence. As a result it leads to personality disorder and lack of self-improvement. If the condition continue for long time, the person may lost his reason of living sense and sometime committed a big crime without his knowledge. Proper treatment is essential for those fellows.
    Believe in the existence of God the super power.

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    It seems strange to hear such news that on one hand, where we are developing so much in the term of technology and other matters, on the other hand, there is no improvement in people's thinking and superstition even today. To some extent, worship can also be considered appropriate, but superstition to such an extent that a family gives its life or sacrifices other people's life of the family. I do not understand why a person does not recognize such a big deception at that time. Such news evokes a feeling of more anger than fear. After all when people will understand that the ultimate power that has given us this life, it only wants that we should keep our actions pure and work for the interest of the other.
    Swati Sharma

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