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    Lets try to forget our bad moments of life

    Everyone of us must have gone through the best and worst moments in life, while the good moments are already captured on the camera and we try to recall the good old memories. But we may not record the old bad moments and yet we do remember those bad day when we confronted the worst period of life. There is no use of recalling our bad moments instead we should try to forget the same to live the present. And past bad moments would not only bring our mood to off and also lessen on work of the present.
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    I agree with the author that good and memories never leave us. They always remain alive in our mind. When similar incident occurs bad or good past incidents are recalled instinctively.
    Good memories look good to feel but bad memories disturb the mind. Often, it happens with me that has moments or mistakes or blunders which caused me loss or bad result disturb my mind. Although I want to scratch them but they are solidly imprinted on my mind.
    I know there is use of remembering past whether past is good or bad because past is dead and dead should be buried, exhuming sead memories don't give us any positive results, however, good memories may encourage us but if we are not able to do something great in same situation we successfully did in past it might give negative impact too.

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    Bad moments , what are bad moments for us ,the happening which we never wanted to happen with us . We only consider anything bad which has happened against our wish and the happenings which are in the favor to us we call them "Good moments". The phase of life comes where we think ,"why this all is happening to me!" but, that is the only phase which checks how much strong you are from inside .Life never ends with just a bad moment , it was just a moment which prepared you mentally ,emotionally , financially or even physically .Forgetting the bad moments is not so easy but it is the only way to move forward for looking better things ahead .After involving yourself with the things you were doing before ,interacting with your loved ones ,engaging and utilizing the energy in your hobbies or on any physical activity . It becomes important to leave the ashes behind and use those ashes as manure for new plants to grow . That's how world grows and we need to grow .

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    It is said that if a person remembers everything and has a super memory the one day he might become mad. The reason is that with so many memories good and bad his mind will be unnecessarily flodded with them and their effects, good or bad, might make him happy or sad and sometimes he would go in depression if sad moments are more there. It is recommended to forget all the sad things if one wants least sadness in present life.
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    Neeru Bhatt observation is very interesting and if we tend to remember both good and bad memories we may become mad.
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    We remember the issues which make a lot of impression on our mind, for long. Some may be good moments and some may be bad moments. Last year my grandmother expired. My association with her is very deep. So her demise is a bad time and moment for me. But I can't forget that so easily and I remember her death which happened in my presence throughout my life. Even if I want to forget my mind will not allow that. Similarly, I had an accident in 1997 while going for a marriage. I can't forget that incident. So I feel the incidents that have a higher impact on us will be remembered long. They may be bad or good incidents for you.
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    Sometimes forgetting a bad memory helps in our lives. It is a great gift of almighty to us that we forget many things in our lives and come back to the present and concentrate in our work. Life is like that only where bad events are forgotten and future planning is conceived and undertaken. Those who remain clung to old and sad memories actually suffer in their present without any reason. We must dissociate with the sad memories and concentrate in our present work otherwise we will be in a big set back condition as regards to our career and future.
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