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    Drishyam 2: the best movie ever produced in any Indian language

    This is one movie that is bound to leave every single human being totally spell-bound. It is likely to simply make the viewer sympathize with the hero and appreciate his boldness in making every single move ahead of the police that digs up the six-year-old case.

    Drishyam 2 is easily the best story ever told. It's on Amazon Prime and should be watched again and again. It has everything that is bound to ask questions about the safety of women. It is bound to ring a bell in the heart of every parent who has a girl around 18-20 years old. It also points out how intelligently the hero plots every move and is way ahead of the law, to primarily safeguard his daughter.

    This sequel, to the earlier Drishyam, was even translated into Chinese and became a blockbuster of sorts in Tamil, with the equally talented Kamal Hassan putting in a brilliant performance in the Tamil version called Papanasam. Mohanlal is easily someone who just melts into the hero's role, trying everything he can to safeguard the dignity of his family. A master craftsman at work. The movie will make you wonder what is wrong in Mohanlal doing what he did to safeguard his dignity and that of his daughter.
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    Thanks to the author for introducing this sequel of Drishyam. I saw this movie but its next part will be a blockbuster too as the author praise it a lot. I think this movie is not in Hindi?
    I am not a movie lover though but I watch good movies once in a while, especially, those movies which are approved by critics.
    Does this movie have Hindi or English subtitles ?

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    I have also heard very good reviews about this movie and today through this thread of the author I have increased my curiosity for this movie even more. By the way, according to the information not available in Hindi or English, it is available with English Subtitles.
    I love watching movies and I will watch this movie very soon after knowing so many good reviews.

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    It has English sub-titles as mentioned by Swati. But the sequences and world-class acting is something that simply makes you go to the edge of the seat, even at home.

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    I watched Dhrishyam I both in Malayalam and Tamil. An excellent movie with Heros Mohanlalal in Malayalam and Kamalahasan in Tamil. I see a lot of ads on TV. Hope part II would be better than part I. I will watch as and when I get an opportunity. I don't rush to watch films. And I am not mad after the films. Any film will stay in our hearts for a while, and then forgotten.
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    I am not a regular movie viewing person but if a movie is good it is natural to get tempted to view it. As per the information about Drishyam-2 it appears to be an interesting watchable movie. So, I would try to get it for viewing.
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    Though I am not a regular movie watcher what the author has shared seems to be very interesting movie as the author never appreciates anything just like that and his positive review about the movie do enthuse other members to go for that move on Amazon. In the web series, the movies are lined in such a way and with gripping story so that the audience should not drift away to other movie viewing portals. Nevertheless if any movie has the strong message it is going to be instant hit with the audience.
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    There is no other Malayalam film that has been discussed so much all over India as Drishyam. With the release of the second part of the Drishyam, the scope of the discussion widened. It is best to see Drishyam-2 after viewing Drishyam-1. In Kerala, we were waiting for the release of this movie on the big screen. It felt a little sad when it was released on the OTT platform.
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    I do not know whether the movie is just good or extremely good. But the advertisers for Amazon Prime has made it big and large to attract the people to join Amazon Prime. More than the film, it is the marketing technology for OTT platform.
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    After going through this thread I thought that let me go through the story of this Malayalam movie before I decide to view it. What I found is that it has a brilliant story plot and of course as other members have mentioned the picturisation must also be good. Actually, for a movie to be popular the story should be very solid. Then comes the direction and presentation of the movie and if that is also good then the picture becomes super duper hit and popular with the masses. The story is quite straight and revolves around a person who investigates the accidental murder of a boy by his daughter during the sexual assault on her by the same boy. The interesting part is that he does the investigation before the police concludes anything.
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    Hi, i am from Kerala and I am really happy to say that Drisyam 2 is a wonderful movie that tempts you to watch again and again as it have a strong story and a thrilling last part. I just wondered when you guys discussed about our small Malayalam film industry movie. Mohanlal , such a great actor is always in front of the our industry to make it compete with the other film industries.

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