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    " The society needs to be cohesive for harmonious life."

    India is a country with a lot of diversity. There are a number of regions, religions, and communities. The traditions and beliefs change from place to place. For a peaceful life, there should be cohesiveness in society. Mutual respect, tolerance for other religions, traditions, and beliefs are essential. Everyone should strive to bring cohesiveness among the various groups of people. The political parties and other organisations involved in social work need to keep society as one with no enmity between the people.

    The situation now has changed a lot for the last few years. The political parties and other organisations for their narrow aims and benefit are trying to create a divide in the society on the basis of regions, religions, and communities. This is a very disturbing trend emerging in the recent past. Some elements in society are taking advantage of the situation and creating problems. The leaders are silent and indirectly encouraging such groups. All this is done to gain a narrow and temporary advantage. They are not worried about the long-term effects of such acts. India is a different country now because of such narrow-minded leaders.

    Recently, the leader of one such political group made religious comments on another party in Tamil Nadu. These people do not understand how much harm they are doing to the country.
    Every responsible citizen should try to curb such tendencies in the early stages itself to build a better India for all to live in peacefully.
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    Leftists, rightists, fanatics, liberals, orthodox, conservatives, reformers, indoctrinated, chauvinists, xenophobic, pseudo nationalists, nationalists, secularists, majoritarians pluralistic, rebellions, traitors, insurgents, extremists, truthful, peace-loving etc all type of people exists in our country. India is a very strong country s well as a great. The theory of co-existence is always relevant. All communities have good people and bad people and all communities have these elements, however, their number of each community may differ. Overall, Indians are peace-loving people. By and large, they believe in coexistence. Unity is diversity is the essence of our nation.
    These are small things that come and go. History is a witness. Time never stops.

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    This is not a new trend. Only thing is some people are getting aware of it now only. If we see the history of post independent India then we would observe that most of the politicians took advantage by dividing the people in religion and communities. They will make them aware that as they belong to a particular community, the leader wants to develop them and create jobs and facilities for them. Hearing this they align in the favour of that elder and vote for him and he wins and enjoy life and forget about those voters soon. Politicians generally take that mileage out of the variety in a country like ours where so many religions and groups are there.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Cohesiveness comes with mutual respect, cooperation, friendship, and understanding. The citizens should know their rights and limits. If a citizen enjoys a municipal park then he should also honour the cleanliness in it. If Govt is providing us roads then we should follow traffic rules on it. This is required to be followed by all then only cohesiveness will come. Politicians would try to divide us in parts for their vested interests but we should only keep our country in mind while favouring a political party or a politician. If we all have a nationalistic approach no politician can separate us.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Indian people are very cohesive with other people. They are friendly with other people irrespective of their caste and religion. I am seeing many people never even bothered to know the community of the other person but be friendly with them.
    But the leaders have a different thinking pattern. This pattern is not a new pattern. Post-independence this pattern came into existence. Politicians started dividing people based on their caste and religion. They try to take advantage of this. They encourage some anti-social elements who will try to create unrest in society and bringing religion and caste as the reasons for their acts. Some leaders try to get an advantage by pampering some religions and castes.
    The people should understand the strategy of the politicians. But people who are getting benefitted because of such acts by politicians are keeping silent. The politicians should realise the situation and try not to bring these caste and religion issues into politics.

    always confident

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