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    Do not agree to your mistake at the face of it?

    Though we tend to make mistakes and even seek pardon for the same, some times mistakes happen as the compulsion for that we may alone be responsible and others are also part of it. Some people have the tendency to corner us by blowing up small mistake as the biggest one of huge loss so that we must be confused and feel subdued. But on going through the mistake we come to know that the system was responsible for the error and we have been made the target. So next time do not agree the mistake at its face.
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    I feel it is not correct. We should accept our mistake and if we feel that our mistake alone is not the reason for the loss we should explain that in details. When we are attempting many works from morning to evening, some times chances are there we may go wrong. Some mistakes may be very severe and the after-effects may be strong. But some times the mistake may be small and after-effects may not be severe. Even then a mistake is a mistake only. If the other person is trying to show our mistake on a larger scale we should be able to explain how the mistake happened and what is the damage because of that particular mistake. I think people will definitely appreciate your sincerity.
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    Before accepting a mistake one has to find out whether one had rally erred or not. Sometimes in our simplicity and politeness we take the onus of some mishap on us but later it is found that there was some other person behind all that sabotage and disorder. So, first we should coolly find out as what was our role in the activities during that happening and was it really our responsibility or someone was trying to trap us so that he escapes the scene and we are punished. The world is full of crooked, cunning and evil people and it is necessary to keep an alert in these matters.
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    Confession has two aspects , first is advisable as second is not advisable.
    First: When you have committed any mistake which hurt sentiments of others or if you have committed any sin or if you have done misbehaviour with someone who does not expect this kind of misbehaviour from you- in all such situations you should feel sorry and should confess your mistake.
    Second : If you are in an organisation as an employee, and have committed any mistake which incurred a financial loss to the company, don't confess your mistake, if management wants to expel you, let them do, but never confess. But if you genuinely suppose to be forgiven then you may confess.
    In another situation, when you are legally enmashed in a case never confess your crime.let other party prove your crime with solid evidence.

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    Hi, We must first carefully consider the cause of any errors. Nobody will believe you in future if you will accept the mistake which you have not made or which you have accepted without examining.

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    An interesting thread by the author. It is our aim to accept mistakes and not repeat them, but if we do not repeat them, then only it makes sense to accept them. As the author said that many times the fault is not only ours alone but the entire system is responsible for it, in such a situation if we cannot stop the whole system from making mistakes. But this does not mean that we also stop accepting mistakes. Making mistakes is very basic nature, if we accept them, then we can rectify our mistakes more easily.

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    When you know you are at fault is it justified to deny it? Mistakes are not intentional and that's why it's a mistake. When somebody is accusing us of doing something wrong we need to prove that person wrong if we are not involved in it. But if we know we are wrong then it will be difficult to get away because at some point our mistakes will be revealed. Now if we try to blame the system for any kind of mistake then we need to find out whether we are a part of the system. If we are an integral part of the system responsible for a fault then we are also at fault and have to take up the responsibility collectively for that error. So we need to think about it cautiously and then act.

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