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    Campus Selection in Pvt.Colleges discriminated Students.

    There is a competition among reputed Private Colleges in India for recruiting their student with various corporates with a high pay package. They have a tieup system with such Corporate sectors.Based on this the students are attracted to admit their Institute by paying higher cost of education. On the other hand the most of the Govt.Colleges are not proving this facility where majority of the students are take admission. As a result the student of govt. Colleges are deprived to get a job under Campus Selection system. After doing BA, BSC, B.COM, BBA, Engineering etc U. G. Courses they gets a good job. Is the system is good for our country. What is your thinking.
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    Whether it is govt or the private colleges, the recruitment drive in the campus depend on the close relations of the College PR with many companies and what I could understand the management knows top five students of the class and thus many companies are given the list of those five and not all the sixty members of the class. Thus those who are merit and outstanding in all subject get to have the campus interviews and others are not even cared by the professional companies. Probably for this reasons many Engineering colleges are having more pass outs but less campus recruitment.
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    Those selected in the campus interview should be treated lucky since the selection of the candidates in most of times are done through the recommendations of the principals or any officer in their behalf. It is not always the fair process. Such systems of selections create frustration to the deserving candidates.
    If any recruiting company is interested to absorb a competent candidate, they have to prolong the process of interviews so as to assess the inherent potential of the candidate and based upon the performance of the candidates, they are ultimately selected. Such a process would restore the confidence of the candidates regarding fair selection.

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    Private institute take higher feel and give guarantee to their students of placement if they don't fulfil their promise new students will not take admission.
    Institutes are required to have better placement services without any discrimination. The author has raised his concern about diffused discrimination.

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    Campus recruitments will happen even in government colleges. It all depends on the reputation of the college. If the company feels that they get good candidates they will goo that institute. But private colleges try more and invite companies to visit their colleges and conduct recruitment. They will have a good liaison officer who corresponds with the company and try.
    A private college tries very hard to see that their students will get placements through campus interviews. That will give them a good rating and parents try to admit their wards in those colleges. They are ready to pay higher fees also if their children have a chance to get a job through campus interviews.
    But in government colleges, nobody will take the initiative and try to invite companies to their campus. But there are reputed colleges in government where good students will get admitted. IITs, NITs, IIITs and IISc are some such institutes. All the students of these institutes have excellent chances to get a campus posting.

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