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    The bluff masters win against the sincere persons

    Take any example in life the evil dominates the truth and the bluff masters have the say and the sincere persons has to face the brunt. Even in courts the lawyers want the accused to say bluff so that the judge is made to believe and actually the person wants to say the truth and get the pardon from the judge. Even in office we are facing the hostility among some employees who are known to be the crisis managers and they take the help of short cut and no truth. In that case we are patronizing the bluff and not the truth with the time going by.
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    The judge cannot distinguish between a bluff and truth as the judge has to go by the evidence. A bluff with an untrue or fake evidence works well and many judgements are based on that only. In a murder done in a crowded place the murderer is caught red handed but if he belongs to a big underground criminal group then people do not give witness against him and he only gets some years in jail. People are afraid that they will also be killed if they gave witness. These are the realties of this world and that is why we always speak of corruption less good governance where such criminal groups could not survive. Anyway, in office or workplace environment there are many people who simply bluff and get ahead with promotions and career growth but it is not only they who had made it. I feel it is the weakness of the superiors if they promote such bluff masters due to whatever reasons between them and known to them only.
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    I think it may not be the case always. Probably the author by seeing one or two incidents may be making his hypothesis. I never say it will not happen. But it will not be the case always. It all depends on who is involved and what is their social status. A politician can do anything he wants and can escape from the law. But an innocent can't.
    A rich man may be able to spend money, produce the wrong witness and may escape but not a poor man. So money and influence are playing very important roles in society these days. We all know a court can hear but can't see.
    How one can carry on in the office simply by bluffing and without working. Some people will have the skill of projecting their works on a macro scale and see that other people feel that these people are working very hard. These days these presentation technics pay more than your work. You can also please your bosses by making good efforts in projecting your work in a big way. A person who works without any sound may not get the attention of the boss.

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    If a bluff is proven as right then the belief takes place.
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    I partially agree with the author, time is bad for sincere and honest people. They are often bluffed by dishonest people because they regard other people as honest as they are. Germs of honesty are in their blood. People cheat them but they don't harm cheaters because they don't fit in the present social scenario. Lying is smartness and liars are applauded for chucking their lies. A liar openly lies and if you pointed it out he will say that his statement has been twisted.

    In court, neither court nor advocate can be bluffed. The case is judged on the basis of evidence.

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