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    Vaccination through private sector, will that be free or paid?

    Having seen the upsurge of new cases across the four states in India, the center is likely to give nod for the vaccination done by private sector to reach maximum population before the second surge of cases further spreads. But we know the vaccination cannot be free in private hospitals and other designated places. Though the govt may reach the target of vaccinating more people in time bound period what would be cost effect of each vaccine to every individual. Do you prefer private or govt hospital for vaccination?
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    It is now clear that the second wave is trying to emerge in various places and only through stringent observance of precautions we can tackle or contain it. In such an alarming situation the private sector might be allowed for going ahead with the vaccination program. Whether it is Govt or private the vaccine is same and only difference could be there in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. Private departments cannot do it on free basis but Govt can either subsidise them or put a limit on the charges that they will be making for this vaccine. So, depending on that decision we will have to pay that money. It is also obvious that in private the rush will not be much as compared to the Govt due to the financial consideration. Let us wait for the Govt view on this and after that only the matter will be more clear and it would be easy for us to take a decision in the matter.
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    Even we have to pay some money it is better to pay and get the vaccination done at the earliest. Again new cases are coming in 4 states and may come in other states also. We should be careful and take all the precautions without any deviation. Let us not think that the problem is over.
    Vaccination is very important and it is better to get vaccinated as early as possible. If the government is allowing vaccination at private hospitals I think many people may opt for it. But the government should see that the private institutions will not charge heavily and there should be a fixed price and the same should be decided by the government and all should follow those instructions without fail. In such a case we will not have any issue even in going toa private institution.
    But I think the government has not taken any such decision to allow private hospitals to give the vaccine to the individuals for Corona. We have to wait for the decision of the government.

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    It is good to done the vaccine at cost and get rid of the virus.
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    Our priority should be to get the vaccination at the earliest possible so that there is no further spread of this deadly virus. We need to wait a little more to know the sources how this affair can be handled in the private mode and to what extent it will be effective. Once the clear stand of the government is known regarding the availability of the same through the private mode, we should not mind to try the same. Though it may be somewhat costly in terms of price segment, but we can avoid the long rush being seen in the government hospitals. Keeping in view of containing the disease at the earliest, we should ignore the source from where it is available rather we must be vaccinated irrespective of the sources.

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    Indians's common mentality is endowed with resilience and fearlessness mingled with indifference. Urban area will be affected a lot by this fear of new surge. Rural India is habitual and mentally prepared to face all untoward situation. Rural people are mentally stronger than urban people. Rural people will not be affected by any coronavirus threat. Mostly, they will offer their money for vaccination. Even the governments facilitate it for them they might be shirking to accept it. It is rural mentality.
    Yesterday, I went to District Magistrate office for a work, only a few people were wearing mask on their face. People have no fear. Where is corona?
    All political ralies should be banned. No election should be held anywhere in the country until it is officially declared that coronavirus no more exists.
    Vaccination should be free to all. Mostly People don't have enough money to afford paid-vaccination.

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    Although the process of vaccination is doing its job in the best way according to it, still this is a matter of concern because the second waves have already spread in many states. Both the rising case of Corona and the growing carelessness of the people are pointing out that the old time of the epidemic is coming back, but the positive aspect is that the vaccine has been made and is now easily available. These days there is an idea in the mind of the public to get the vaccine as soon as possible to get rid of the virus, so the availability of the vaccine by private enterprises is also positive for the people and people give so much amount to protect themselves and their families. But if we talk about the poor class then it is difficult for them, so the government should get the vaccine to the poor class as soon as possible, after all our purpose is not just to protect ourselves. The complete end of the corona epidemic will only possible when everyone gets vaccinated.

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