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    Is excessive communication now becoming a problem now?

    Facebook and What's up have now become international vehicles for effective communication throughout the world. Precious lives have been often saved in a crisis. Similarly, there has been a big revolution in terms of free s possible through what s up.

    While the positives add up to make a massive value-adding difference, given current realities of an increasingly tense world where jobs have been lost, increase in petrol prices beyond all limits, huge inflation and decrease in deposit rates, the availability of what's up is itself becoming a source of friction between friends; between the husband and wife; parents and children and seemingly every single human relationship between two individuals. It is often seen that the phrase" am sorry, I did not mean something like that" gets played out so often; enough damage would have been done by then.

    Some three or four decades ago, we did not even have the cell phone. Everything was okay. People at all levels were very happy as face to face conversations were more common. Have we come a full circle now? Is excessive communication a real problem?

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    Social media has become a part of life that it can not be avoided now. We open and close our eyes with social media. Facebook was started to keep friends together while staying in different places but gradually, It spread around the world . This platform became popular then other such platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, telegram etc were introduced. Twitter was mainly occupied by celibirities and other popular personalities. Internet has brought a big revolution. It has changed this world into a small global village. People communicate each other through videos , messages, photographs and self-praising nevertheless they are staying away. This excessive communication is mainly for self-praising. Everybody seems to be in race and running after likes and fan following. I don't think social media has brought people closer.

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    Anywhere excess is never acceptable. Excessive eating, excessive talking, excessive working and so on are never recommended. Everything should be within limits only. Nothing should be available for free. We should pay for anything. Then only we will be within limits and use the facilities properly.
    People are living in the virtual world these days. Their mobiles are their important tools and without that no life for them. Many of us will start our day by peeping into our mobile and sleep while seeing our mobiles. So it has become a part of our body. This over-dependence is really creating problems.
    Many may be using Facebook and WhatsApp. But they should know where to start and where to stop. Then only we will be doing justice to our family and to our own life.

    always confident

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