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    Achievement is uniquely individual-specific; never confuse yourself

    Like many other issues, people do not understand that achievement is based on specific capabilities of individuals. Parents comparing their children with their more talented classmates are actually demotivating them. Similarly, those who work in offices are jealous of high achievers. There is a massive dose of politics to get the tag of "high achievers" between individuals. This actually gives ample opportunities to bosses to play their own games to extract the maximum from their best subordinates.

    Given realities of modern life, it should be understood that while gearing up for maximum achievement should be encouraged and is a perfectly normal process, taking it too far and making people very tense will only lead to hypertension. Such hypertensions are seen very commonly in final year students of schools and colleges and in formal organizations. We should recognize facts in this light.
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    The reason of all this what the author has written about is but nothing but competition in every field. Everybody seems to be in race to surpass others. How to win the race is the main aim. We are more like a machine, working within our circle as we are programmed. Parents want their children to excel in their respective classes. How to achieve maximum marks on progress report is their main goal. These students are being pushed if they are stopped to have a rest for recreation. Working people are involved in how to impress the management for promotion and increment in salaries and some monetary output . Pressure is so much that they can't sustain to carry it on mind. A brilliant girl was highly pressurised by her parents to top the class in final examinations but despite all her efforts she could manage to remain on second position. She was extremely depressed. A ten stories new community centre building was being built in that area she went up fell down.

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