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    Center is making regulation policies for OTT platforms, Do you agree?

    The current era is of digital technologies where you can get everything at your fingertips. In earlier days, people used to watch movies in theaters and on TV only. Today you can get movies, serials or any documentary on OTT (Over The Top) platforms by internet. But the sensorship for content approval is not maintained in OTT platform. Today we can find many content or webseries full of adult scene or the theme itself is showing the adult content. The center is now making regulations policies for OTT platform similar to what is being set for any movie or serials.

    Do you feel, it is a right move by the central government to regulate the content shown in the OTT platform? Do you feel its a restriction on the freedom of acting industry?
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    In any country, if there is a rule and regulations for censorship of movie and TV industry then it is very obvious that OTT platforms should also be included in that otherwise the curious minds in our society will go to see the same thing in OTT. The Govt is very late in taking a step in this direction. Unfortunately internet is so powerful now that it appears as many Govt simply bow to it in respect and would not be able to take any action against the evils there. So, it simply means that we have to impress upon cyber security more and give emphasis in that area otherwise the criminals and evil minds will do all sort of activities there, internet apparently being out of the purview of the law and order.
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    Due to the emergence of OTT platforms, movies and serials that are not subject to Indian censorship laws will reach homes without any restrictions. The shift of audiences to OTT platforms will surely lead to the destruction of the movie theater industry. The destruction of the movie theater industry will affect the major tax revenues of governments and local governments. A control from the Government side is needed anyway.
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    I feel it is very much required to have some restrictions on the OTT platform's content also. Whether it is a small screen or a big screen, the content should be the same and should be guided by the same rules and regulations. That is always fair. These days on Social media also some adult scenes are coming and that should also be controlled in my opinion. Watching movies on OTT has become the order of the day. Many people are watching movies on mobiles. So they tend to see these scenes more which is not at all good for young people who has to concentrate on their studies. So these restrictions are very much needed.
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    We are reviewing this as a GD topic, hence locking it temporarily.
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    As mentioned by the writer, we can get movies, serials, sports, channels, or any documentary on OTT (Over The Top) platforms by the internet. It is also a concern that many contents released on the OTT platform are not screened and have contents that have nudity, adultery, plagiarism, hatred, porn, pirated, etc that have to be monitored, filtered, and censored before it reaches the viewers. As everything is easily available on the internet, we need to have decorum and keep the censorship so that such contents are not viewed or shared with the public that can make a different impact on them. We have kids/children viewing such movies, shows, play games, etc, and get carried by the content that can ruin their life or others. It is good to get content through the OTT platform but we also have to keep a filtration so that only good content is shared through it and there has an '18+ or A' tag to avoid being seen by under-age people. As said, everybody has freedom but freedom without control will take us a step down but control on the content released for the public by the government or concern authority will help everyone (Viewers, artists, or publishers) accordingly.
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