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    Life is as unpredictable as it is predictable.

    In life, we add a new life every day, we made new plans for a new day, new dreams are decorated. There are some griefs as some dreams not being fulfilled, sometimes there is enthusiasm for new dreams. We all want our lives to go as we are planning for it, but it does not always happen. Many times we have full hope that the future we have thought for us will be the same, but how often it happens that we cannot prevent some events happening in the future. Many of them are such that we never even think about them and they change our lives completely. To some extent, even though life is predictable, but at the same time, there are many things that are always unpredictable and change the life of everyone partially or completely.
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    We can predict our future and plan accordingly. But the predictions may not come true always. Sometimes unpredicted happenings will take place in our lives. We think we can plan and make everything happen to our liking. But it is not true always.
    I have seen many issues in my life which I predicted going in the other way. But I am fortunate enough to have happiness in my life even though certain issues not happened as predicted. Now I feel whatever has to happen will happen and ultimately the happenings will be good for the individual. I am going forward with that thought only in my mind and I am happy so far in my life.

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    It is difficult to understand the ways of life. We do our bit and expect a lot of things but what happens and what will happen is not known beforehand. It is said that man proposes, God disposes. That is true in deeper sense.
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    It is the fact that those who are having their attachment with the life would predict the life perfectly and even the unpredict would not happen becuase they have the wisdom to forsee the impending danger or the challenges and take corrective measures. Though there is a saying that man proposes and the God disposes, the fact is that man should not propose the wrong thing and impossible so that the matter should not happen. God surely helps those who are reasonable and with them.
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    I agree with the author that life is unpredictable. What happens next moment nothing can be said about it. People effort to bring out positive result but sometimes, despite all efforts negative result come out. We plan in our life, invest all our energy and resources to make our plan successful but we are not sure if the plan will be successful. But it does not mean that we can leave our efforts, as long as we are determined and active to lead our life in right direction we keep on moving, obstacles and hurdles come on the way of this journey but nothing can stop us from marching towards our goal.
    Time and tide are part of life. We undergo different trials and tribulations but during this whole process we have to keep our feet firmly on the ground.

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    The author is right that our life is unpractitable though we are involved in the given task with dedication, the result may be otherwise. If there is recurrence of failures repeatedly, that would be the cause of frustrations for the dedicated people. Don't get distracted with such temporary setbacks. It is not that we are always crowned with the success, failures might happen. Take the same as a challenge to change your route so that ultimately you achieve your goal with success. Hurdles and obstacles are always there in our lives but the same require to fought aggressively.

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