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    Bargaining or buying a product at a fixed price, what do you prefer?

    When we go shopping, we have both these options available. When I was younger, I went to the market with my father, he never bargained, but when I go to the market with my mother, she often bargains at every shop and always buys products or items by reducing the price.

    Nowadays, we do most of the shopping either online or from the mall, in both cases, there is no option like bargaining. But here the word 'discount' has a lot of importance as both online or mall shopping provides discounts and many offers.

    Sometimes, it is decided to bargain, by the people, on the basis of different markets and products. Suppose like online shopping, if the price is kept fixed in normal markets also, will it be easier for us?

    What do you prefer as the best way to shop, by bargain, with a fixed price, or with discounts and offers.
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    If the sellers are genuine and fix the prices properly by keeping their profit margin, it is always better to have a fixed price. We can go, just pick it up and pay for it. But unfortunately, in our country, the sellers think that the buyers will again and hence keep the rates high. The buyers think that the shop keepers will fix high prices and hence bargain. This is how things go on in our country. The mindset of both the buyers and sellers should change. A policy of making fixed prices should be introduced in all the shops.
    The most vulnerable sellers for this bargaining is the street vendors. Ladies bargain heavily with them. So these sellers will ask for a high price and decrease after the bargain. If they know that we will take from them without bargaining they will tell us the correct price and give us as per that price. Online buying may not have a chance to bargain but they give some discounts and we will see for those discounts before we place our order online,

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    Going to the market and bargaining is actually the best way of buying. I too used to go to market with my Amma and sisters who would use their bargaining skills at their best to get the products at the cheapest price. There is a knack for bargaining and everyone cannot acquire it. It is often seen that women can bargain much better than men but there are many who can do good bargaining.

    When we do online shopping or shop through big Malls, we are lured by discounts or 1+1 free offers which is just another way of bargaining. If we have time, we can visit other online shopping sites and compare the price of the same products(Model) and get it for the best price but be assured that they offer you other services also for many do give discounts but may charge you for delivery, installation, return, etc.

    When we go to the market to buy vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc, we can check for ourselves for the freshness, goodness, etc, and then bargain and get for a good price which is not often received in big Malls or retail shops. Both has its own advantage but I prefer going and purchasing than online shopping.

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    Very interesting question posed by the author. Bargaining or fixed price purchase ? If a person is well versed with market and rates he would surely have the idea of rates and calliberated or hyped rates. If the rates are normal and and the product is good we can for it. Only yesterday the tamarind was sold for rupees 120 by the push cart vendors and we thought same rate would be there in the shops. But to our surprise the shop felllow told us that it costs 60 per 250 grams and that was whooping double extra. We felt very annoyed for not having shopped with the push cart vendor for 120 per kg. Some times bargaining gives you good return. In old City Hyderabad we used to bargain for 50 percent margin so that he would come to the discount of 40 percent and close the deal and this happens in many products and this not apply to major stores.
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    There are few things we can bargain. There are few things we purchase at a fixed price. All groceries we purchase at a fixed rate from local shops or from online. There is no choice of bargaining.

    Fruits, vegetables and some hand made products sold by street vendors we bargain and try to get at a lower price. Even a rich person who owns a bungalow, owns a car and who goes to five star hotel also bargains from a street vendor for buying cucumber.

    In my opinion, every product should have a fixed price including the vegetables, clothes and fruits and everything should be at a fixed price.

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    I don't buy any item online. People who purchase online don't have a good experience because you see images of the product but when it is delivered it looks something different. They have this experience. I like to purchase a product or commodity having reached the market. My habit is to see the same item and take rate from three different shops, it makes me easier to purchase it at the best price. However, it is my habit to purchase the product from the first shopkeeper whom I enquired of rate and product if the price and product are the same in all shops.
    Of course, bargaining is the part of purchasing

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    There is so much fluctuation in the market that one cannot understand the prices as one shopkeeper will be ready to sell at discount while the other will not budge down from what has been told by them on the first place. I have observed that if you repeatedly request or insist for discount then many shop keepers easily agree for 15 to 20% but the branded shops or hi-end shops generally do not agree and keep their reputation like hat only. Another interesting thing is that many people are lazy and do not explore an item in many shops and just finish it in the first shop itself. If we go to a fe shops we would find the price differential easily.
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