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    Should a person work so much?

    There is a general understanding that we should work hard but take rest also periodically and keep a balance in our lives. Some people do not follow this general guidance and prefer to work on a 24x7 basis. They argue that life is not to waste and each moment, except sleeping hours, is to be given to some activity. They also tell that to avoid monotony in life we have to switch from one type of activity to other and should try to take up multiple jobs at the same time. Some of them also strongly believe that keeping themselves engaged helps in taking the creative and capability related faculties of a person to amazing heights. Do you agree with this assumption? How correct is it to work continuously?
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    There is nothing wrong with working hard and attending multiple tasks at a time as long as your health permits and you take care of your health. If we have the required sleep every day which gives us a good rest, we can try working at our full potential. But in this activity, we should never neglect our health. If our health goes bad we can't do anything and we have to make rounds to the doctor.
    We should give the first preference to our health. So we have to do the required physical activities, develop good eating habits and avoid overeating. Once you are doing good, you can continue working based on your ability.

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    Everything has a limit and crossing it with some out-of-the-box set rules will have an adverse effect on one's health. We all know that our body needs everything from work, sleep, enjoyment, food, relaxation, self-time, etc in order to function at its best.

    There are people who believe in working 24x7 and called workaholics but they need to understand that our body needs rest to function properly. There are people who work as per their capacity and do well in that time and do enjoy after that. They are more happy, content, and satisfied in life. There are people who just relax and do just what is needed and often complain that they don't get what they want as they lack something. There are people who are lazy and just waste their time and life without any output. They cry in the later stages of life.

    Every period has its own gain and if we are not able to make use of it to its maximum, we will have to cry over it once we cross it. Do everything as required, no more no less, and as per your body. Never try to imitate others as everyone has their own capacity, control, capability, strength, and style. When we do as per our ability and capacity, we can go a long way without falling. Let us be ourselves and do everything as per our framework and not as set by others.

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    Working good and working sustained always associated with the fact that one must have dedication and interest in the work. Some people have attractive designation but the work would be worst and not satisfactory. Some may not have the designation at all but work all round. But working too much is something a great trait and such employees are the boon to the company. They come early and they go late after finishing all the pending works. There are people who finish their works and also help others and they are the real gem of the company. One thing is sure work should be with workship and not keeping the work pending for days together and working for one fine day. Those who finish the works on day to day and still help others are the wonderful employees and they needed to be awarded.
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    Working all the day except sleeping hours or working minimum-enjoyment maximum or any other theory people carry depend on people's interest , capability, circumstances, health condition and love for money etc. However, we should not waste our time. We should keep engaged in some healthy activities which help us or society or community or country. Wasting time can never be accepted in any way. Some people want to earn maximum amount of money, so they keep engaged in several economic activities which benefit them and their families and bring more comforts and luxurious in their lives. Some people live for enjoyment. They feel like to working for hours, it keeps them physically fit and causes admiration from people. Such people mostly engage in social work.
    On other side some people are lethargic and dull to work despite having work opportunities but they shirk and stay away from working whole day. I think nobody should be a burden on others. Such people are useless creatures. They can do but don't do. They spoil their lives and irritate others who are compelled to carry their load of useless existence.

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    If we remove 4 to 6 hours of sleep from 24 hours of the whole day, then the rest of the time we are awake, and naturally when we are awake, then we keep busy ourselves in some of the other works. Some people are so eager to work that they do not even care about their health and such people start feeling more negative when they have free time or if they stop working. It is good to have a personality at work, but some work or activity should also be such that give us and our mind some rest. For example, reading a book, spending time with family with some household works, etc. There are many tasks which give us busyness, good utilization of time as well as comfort.
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    Doing a job smartly should be our main focus no doubt and in that way we achieve satisfaction. Though it should be our primary goals to deliver results in the jobs being taken from our ends but after all there is a limit of our indulgence in that way. We need to allocate some rest of our minds with maintaining the sleep cycles. Failing this we will spoil our health and we can invite host of health disorders such as high blood pressure, diabetes, digestive issues etc. This will ultimately affect our performance later. Hence such a deviation of our life style would prove costly.

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    Some persons are extra ordinary. They can work continuously. They are very remarkable in the sense that they will work even if you do not provide them employment or some job. They are in a way the gifted ones. They do not wait for the appointment letter. They start a work and expend it so much that others apply in it for positions. They are the real entrepreneurs. When America (now USA) was discovered by Columbus by mistake as he was supposed to reach India, then seeing that new land the Europeans started to go there and settle there. The great California Gold rush further fuelled that. When these Europeans reached there they found plenty of land and natural resources and they worked day and night to make a fortune there itself and getting more and more people from their native country to join them. Those people were not the ordinary lot. They were in fact the hard workers who have made a benchmark that is yet to be achieved. They were finally successful in making America the strongest country in the world map.
    So, there is no limit to working but the lazy person cannot comprehend it as he believes that he would not work till he is not hungry.

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