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    If we try to deceive others we automatically get deceived.

    Our ethics, elders often tells us not to try to deceive others on any account. In Tamil, there is a song, 'Emaatraathe, Emaaraathe' (don't cheat) which stresses the same point. I have read one story in relation to this-

    One man was standing in a queue to offer prayers in a temple. There was a money box on their way to drop contributions. This man had a torn ten-rupee note in his hand and he said to himself that even god would not find out had put in the torn note. As he neared the box, someone behind him gave him, a two thousand rupee note and thinking it was that man's donation, he put it in the donation box. When he came out of the temple, he saw that man again. He told him, "Sir you are really great to have contributed two thousand". Seeing the shock on his face, he continued, "Sir, it was your money that fell down from your pocket that I had given to you".

    He heard God laughing and saying, "And you were trying to deceive me?"
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    A good story from the author. We can't deceive a God. If we think that we can do that we are fools. God never wants anything from us. He wants us to have faith in Him and behave the right way. Definitely, He will help the people who behave properly.
    Offering money to God and offering gifts to God etc., are our own creations only. We feel that God will accept gifts and money. We think that God is also like us. But it is not correct. You need not offer anything to God. Be sincere and salute God without any wish and ask for universal peace.

    always confident

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    Deception is a big sin as wells's a crime. Some people are too bad that they can deceive anybody even the person who helped or supported him in is bad days but when time passed he forgot him. This is the worst trait of a person if he deceives other people who trust him a lot.
    However, a man of character never deceives other people especially if they trust him.
    I don't know if a deceiver is also deceived. It's not a universal truth, but In exceptional cases, such a person may be deceived by any other person, however, if he is deceived then he realises how painful is to betray others.

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    That was the wonderful story shared by the author and it gives us the great lesson that before doing anything think twice and before cheating others think of its effect immediately. Here the plan was to deceive the God by offering torn out note in the Hundi but God played trick through the other person and got the big contribution unmindful of he person. My relative used to tell that they went to Tirumala for prayers and the visit was thanks giving to offer the agreed amount in Hundi. But my relative husband was crook and he thought why such huge amount be donated instead he offered few 10 rupees notes and while dropping the notes his hand stuck in between the holes and thus his ring came out of the finger and fell in the Hundi. Astonished and surprised, the relative got the lesson of his life.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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