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    Be humble enough to think I am far from perfect

    If you always think I am a very perfect person in everything there is no scope for you to learn anything new. In this sense, you never listen to others' words and respect others' thoughts or opinions. Actually, it is a drawback for your mental growth and progress. Being humble, you must be confident enough to know and you can do anything you set in your mind. Humbleness and confidence are two good qualities that everyone has to develop to show good progress and maturity in life. These two good qualities simultaneously work together to attain greater heights in our life.
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    The author has said the right thing, we should always be humble to learn new. The day when a person considers himself perfect, his development stops in the true sense. Learning is an important part of life and it is the quality that makes a person special. When we always adopt an attitude to learn something new or more, then our mental development increases. Learning does not mean that we do not know but to learn that there is much more to what we know than what we still learn. Knowledge of any subject is like a big ocean, from which we often learn something new.

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    True. Nobody in this world is perfect. You are also one among them. If I think I am perfect and I need not learn anything, it is the beginning of my downfall. There are many issues which we don't know. Even in the subject what we studied, our subject knowledge will be less and we have to learn many more issues in that subject. A person who doesn't know anything can also think that he knows everything. That means he is closing the doors for his progress. But if we know the facts and try to improve our knowledge and get updated every time we will have many chances for progress.
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    If you think you are perfect, this will give you a false sense of satisfaction. In that situation, you will remain overconfident and would not like to attempt a new task. That sense of complacency can hinder your progress. Whatever the job you are doing, you need to update yourself with the latest tools so that you remain competitive in such fields.
    It is always better to keep your mind active with its use in the different domains so that you could know the different aspects of the same job. Knowing that you are proficient in your tasks would not allow you to know more in your related job and you can be termed as outdated in terms of your job profile.

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    Being humble is exceptionally great quality of a person. Generally, nobody is humble but a few. Invariably, we pretext to show that we are bumble. I have seen some countable people whom I found, literally, humble . One of them is still alive. He is about hundred years old man ,I respect him a lot. Why I am singling him out I tell you his quality of humbleness. He never quarreled in his whole life. If people called him - dishonest or liar or greedy of wealth or even made serious allegations against him he would always reply: "Yes, brother you are right". If a person is shouting at him, even using derogatory comments, he gave his standard reply, " Yes, brother you are right". Every person would calm down before him. Sometimes, I sit with him and seek his blessings.

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    By the way we all are the learners in our life and if somebody claims that we are good and super educated by virtue of personal experience and knowledge he is a fool. Even though I am contributing in this site for the past 11 years I feel jealous and and get annoyed over the fact that I could not able to write superlative English and if new members share posts with great English I take a bow towards them. Knowledge is the continued process and there is no end date or the beginning date for awareness. And those who are humble and not overtaking others are always accepted in the society.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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