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    Why is it that housewives are preferred for daily shopping?

    We all are more or less habituated with daily marketing duty. But in the morning market, you can see that most of the purchasers are females. I think it is so because a lady knows the value of money more and they can manage the budget very well compared to their male counterparts. The housewives also know the actual combination of vegetables to be purchased and it is they who generally set the daily menu etc. Is my conclusion correct? Please share your views.

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    I agree with you. The housewive only knows what are the requirements for the day in the house. So she has to decide what are items available in the house and what are to be purchased. Having done this exercise she can ask her husband to bring those items as she will be busy with housework. But another problem is that the husband may not be able to decide on the quality of the material he has to purchase and the cost factor also not known to us. In such conditions, the lady has to go to the market for purchases. If the husband accompanies the wife to the market, the husband can learn the method to be adopted for selecting the quality product and also can get trained in bargaining. After some time she can discontinue and send her husband for the purchases so that she will get some relaxation. But it all depends on the understanding among the two and the way they share their responsibilities as per the requirement.
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    No, I can't agree with it. Maybe it depends upon the place that we all from. I am from Kerala and here most of the daily shopping is carried out by men rather than women. Besides, a lion share of men is aware of the ingredients and cost of the important items to be purchased as they are used to doing such tasks from the younger days.

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    The lady of the house knows the status of the inventory, the budget money or residual budget, other needed provisions , every member's taste and preference etc. She is a multitasking manager who has various roles ,which she does without losing her cool mostly. In many houses the lady of the house is full time home minister and essential times external affairs minister. For those women who are not separately employed, this is a good opportunity as a vent and relaxation and for a bit social connecting.

    I do not forget those gentlemen who go with their spouses in these tasks or do it themselves whenever possible and whenever needed.

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    Generally, women know better than men about all these activities. They know how to manage home affairs, concerning budget, shopping, schooling of children etc. Women are more bargaining expert. Also, shopkeepers understand it, shopkeeper may ask rates for commodities. Men, generally, don't bargain kike women. As the author has observed that women do shopping more than men in the morning. It may be in some places but men also do shopping. However, shopping is the main hoppy of women.

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    Most of the males are confined to their work and busy schedules and heavily depend on their wife for the daily routine and it is the house wife who knows about the markets and matter. I have seen that from selecting the best item, bargaining and closing the deals the females are better informed. I have also seen that some house wives making savings out of huge money given as market expenses by the husband and thus she uses that money for the urgency and emergency much to the surprise of the husband. One thing is sure even the vendors would be scared about saying high prices and eventually they have to come down. As regards to bargaining I have seen the women trying their luck at the fixed priced shops like Bata and that amused me as to how the house wives bent upon saving some money or the other for the family.
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    I think both of them are capable of doing that daily chore but if the lady is willing to do it, men will be the happier lot doing their crossword solving or reading the newspaper or viewing what is happening in ISC forum over a cup of tea or coffee. When it comes to picking up the quality items in minimum price, any person can have that expertise in a few days and I do not corroborate it to the forte of the women only. Of course with due honour and respect to the women fraternity, there is no doubt that they have excellent talent in that area of bargaining and getting more out of the same amount. Practice makes a person perfect!
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    The man of my house only brings essential vegetables from the common daily market. Women are very busy with the housework since morning and they have don't have so much time to go to the market. But if it is to be said that who has more knowledge of values and prices, then I think it cannot be determined by gender, either women or men. The person who does most of this work has more idea about prices. Many times women do not go to the market but, they keep taking information about what is the value of a particular thing or item in the market at this time.

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